REVIEW: Revlon Holochrome Collection Holographic Polishes

by - January 12, 2018

Hey guys! For my first review of 2018, I wanted to go with a collection of drugstore nail polishes that I admittedly didn't have the highest hopes for. I have to admit, I'm generally someone who's more likely to pick up polishes that I can get in a store than I am to order indie polishes online. Of course, indie polishes have consistently been bringing really gorgeous, unique formulations and finishes and it's hard to find things in the drugstore that measure up. One thing that I've been pleased to notice lately have been an influx of easily available holographic polishes, so I was super curious to try out out the holos from the Revlon Holochrome Collection and see how they stacked up.

I'm gonna go ahead and apologize in advance for not being able to capture the full spectrum of the holo in the swatch photos - it's a lighting issue and I'm working on it, I promise. 

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When I first saw the Revlon Holochrome Collection, I literally stood in the store and shone my phone light at the bottles of Holographic polish trying to see if there was any delightful rainbows coming through. When they didn't, I initially skipped the polishes. It was only after seeing some good things online that I decided to pick one up. And then I picked up another. And then I picked up another. I have three of the four shades in the collection. There is also a silver shade in this collection and the only reason that I didn't pick it up was because I just really didn't feel like it was one that I personally needed in my collection.

When it comes to the holo in this collection, I think some people will absolutely love it while others might find it a little bit too subtle. I suspect this will depend on what your experience with holo is like. It's a scattered holo, so you aren't going to get the smooth rainbows that you'd see in a linear holo, and the holo particles are quite fine. They also, in my opinion, tend to lean a little bit more golden than silvery, so I tend to notice more gold and red than blue and green when I look at these in full light.

Revlon Nail Polish in 105 Galactic Pink
Galactic Pink is a cool toned pink scattered holo that seems to shift a lot in tone depending on the light. In certain light, I've felt that this moves to an almost lavender tone while in other light it pulls more of a neutral rose for me. On the initial coat it applied quite sheer, but it only took three thin coats for full opacity.

I really loved the formula of this polish, which applied smooth and level without any goopiness or pooling. It dried really quickly for me, which I was surprised by since I've had issues with Revlon polishes taking forever to dry in the past. I paired this with a generous coat of gel-look top coat and I found that the wear time was pretty phenomenal. I wore this for 4 days and had minimal tip wear and no chipping.

Revlon Nail Polish in 110 Unicornicopia
Unicornicopia is another shade that, for me, really pulls different in different light. In some light, it looks like a cornflower blue sort of shade while in other light it pulls much more purple. I'm honestly not even sure that I would be able to decide whether to call this shade a blue or a purple. Again, this did take three coats for full opacity but I think that you could get away with two if you applied it a little bit more heavily.

I actually initally wore this for a day without any top coat and it chipped pretty easily, so I would definitely recommend using a pretty heavy top coat with these polishes if you want to get the most out of them. The formula of this polish was very much on par with the others for me, in that it applied smoothly, dried fairly quickly, and didn't suffer from any pooling or general strangeness on application or with wear.

Revlon Nail Polish in 115 Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust is a mint green scattered holo that feels like it stays the most true to colour regardless of the light conditions for me. I'd say that it's a midtoned shade that will be really, really perfect for the spring for me. Like Unicornicopia, this worked best for me with three thin coats, but I do think that you could easily get away with two heavier coats and still get full opacity.

Also like Unicornicopia, I wore this one for a full day without top coat and it chipped on me, so make sure to top coat this to get the best wear time out of it. Again, good formula that applies and dries easily and with top coat wears quite well. I think this might have the most subtle holo effect of these three polishes, which is a pretty subtle collection over all, but it's still really, really pretty.

Overall, I really like this collection of polishes. I find it very likely that someone who has a collection or a lot of experience with indie holos might find these a little bit too subtle for their tastes, and I'll admit that this isn't my personal favorite holo formula, but I think that these can't be beat for their affordability, wide availablity, and genuinely pretty, well formulated shades. I kind of hope that Revlon does another brighter holo collection in the future!

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