REVIEW: NYX Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette

by - February 07, 2018

Because I'm such a huge fan of the NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette, which I definitely think is a drugstore must have, the NYX Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette has been on my shopping list for a while. And has, of course, been consistently sold out every time I've looked for it in store locally. I finally managed to get my hands on it recently and I was super excited to try it out.

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While the packaging is simple clear and black plastic, I think it's really sturdy and I wouldn't be at all concerned about tossing it in a makeup bag. I also really love that they take full advantage of the space in the palette and fill it with product - because, obviously. I could personally do with the palette being thinner, but I do think that the design adds to the sturdiness, so it's really kind of a matter of preference. Overall, I think this is really solid drugstore packaging that is well put together for the price point.

I feel like the Cosmic Metals Palette is a good counterpoint to the Lid Lingerie Palette and I think they pair quite well together, actually. With Cosmic Metals being all shimmer/metallic while Lid Lingerie is all matte, these two palettes work well together to get complete looks. One of my favorite things about the Lid Lingerie palette was always the shade selection, which I felt was really well curated for only having six shades, and I feel very much the same about the Cosmic Metals palette.

I feel like these six shades are a solid selection of metallics in anyone's collection because they're all really wearable, flattering shades. I also really appreciate that none of the shades in this palette are too similar to each other and you can really see a lot of contrast when you look at them swatched nex to each other. I was initially really excited after the first couple of swatches I did, but unfortunately there is a bit of a lack of consistency with the formulas in this palette, so let's talk about each of the shades, shall we?

The rosy champagne taupe in the top left corner is a really beautiful colour and brings a nice brightness to the lid. I'd say that this is a fairly pigmented shade, though it definitely works best when you wet your brush to get the full intensity and reflection that I personally like from this type of shade. This shade also has micro shimmers in it, which can make the texture feel a little bit gritty and dry.

The golden bronze shade in the middle of this palette is basically a shade that dreams are made of. It's not too deep with a really neutral golden undertone that doesn't skew too yellow or too red and it's really reflective. The formula is absolutely stunning as well. It's a really smooth, creamy texture with opaque pigmentation and applies beautifully. Absolutely love this one.

The taupey purple/grey shade on the top right is really stunning as well. I don't find it quite as reflective as the golden bronze shade, which I think is probably oweing to the grey undertones. This also has a different formula from the other two, with the texture being quite a bit thinner and less creamy than the bronze, but smoother and more opaque than the champagne taupe. Overall, this is a really pretty shade and I quite like the formula.

The peachy champagne shade on the bottom left is another one of those absolutely dreamy shades for me. The colour is perfect for my skin tone, with the strong peach undertones muted a little bit by how bright and reflective it is. This formula is very similar to the golden bronze shade in that it's really creamy, really opaque, and really smooth. I think this might actually be my favorite shade in the palette.

The deep berry shade in this palette is a bit of a let down for me, to be honest. Though it's stunning in the pan, when applied or swatched this loses some of that intensity and you end up getting more of the brown undertone than the bold berry shade. I'd say that this formula is most similar to the lavender shade in that it's thinner and drier but still packs decent payoff when swatched, but the depth of it makes it feel less impactful overall.

Finally, my absolute least favorite shade in the palette is definitely the classic gold shade on the bottom right. The formula on this one is similar to the rosy champagne taupe shade, but I find this one to be drier, the texture chunkier, and the application a little bit more sheer. While it does give decent reflect, I just feel like this is the least impactful and the least truly metallic shade in the palette and I know I won't personally

Overall, I'd say that this is a solid but imperfect drugstore palette. With three distinctly different feeling and performing formulas in these shades, I'd also say that different tastes might feel differently about this palette. Personally, I think it's worth it for the two really amazing shades (peach champagne and golden bronze) alone, but I will also certainly get use out of the taupey purple/grey and the deep berry. For me, the two lighter, more glittery and sheer shades are certainly workable but personally I'll likely just reach for other palettes if I'm looking for shades like that.

So would I recommend it? Yeah, I would. I would say that I like the Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette more than this one, but I also think that this one is worth picking up. Like I said, use a wet brush for the less impactful shades and you're good to go. At $10, I'd still say this is a solid buy.

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