REVIEW: Marc Anthony Coconut Hair Care

by - March 28, 2018

Here's a true story... I am literally willing to try just about any hair care product if it smells like coconut. Well, that's not entirely true. I am willing to try just about any hair care product if it smells like nice smelling coconut. I don't like a really chemically coconut scent, I want something that has that rich, gorgeous, transports-you-to-the-islands type of scent. Obviously, I was super excited to try out the Marc Anthony Coconut Hair Care Products*. One of the things that always draws me to Marc Anthony products is that they're sulfate free, which is important to me personally because I do have coloured hair and I want it to last.

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Marc Anthony Thick & Full Coconut Milk Volume Shampoo & Conditioner*
Volumizing products tend to be quite hit and miss for me, so I was excited to try these out and see where they fell for me. They promise to be extra light weight while plumping, lifting, and thickening the hair to leave it shiny and full. Sounds good, right? For me, I kind of feel two ways about these products. First off, these obviously smell amazing and when I use them I find myself sniffing my hair and basically swooning. I literally shoved my head in my boyfriend's face and made him smell me, because I am an insane person but also because these smell amazing. The shampoo does a really good job of getting my hair clean without leaving it feeling dry or stripped and the conditioner really helps to hydrate and detangle my hair, leaving it feeling really soft. 

So what's the problem? This is actually almost too volumizing for my hair texture. For clarity, I have fairly fine hair, but I have a lot of it, so while I do like volume I find that too much can feel like too much, and for me this was just a little bit too much. For someone who has really thin or flat hair that's looking for a lot of volume, this could be an absolutely winning pair, so I really think it'll be a matter of what you're looking for when it comes to this. For me, it just lived up to its claims a little bit too much!

Marc Anthony Brightening Coconut Butter Shampoo & Conditioner for Blondes*
Clearly... I am not blonde. However, I did still want to try this to test out the formula. When I did have my blonde balayage, purple shampoo was an absolute must have for me because without it my hair would go brassy in no time, so I was always on the hunt for a really great formula. Obviously, I won't be able to speak to the toning properties myself, but I can tell you that this formula is absolutely STUNNING and legitimately makes me want to go blonde again. No joke. (And not just because this smells incredible too!)

Using this pair together, even though it's not quite right for my hair, has completely won me over. The shampoo does a really, really good job of getting my hair solidly clean without any dryness and I find that when I rinse it I don't end up with any tangles or pulls. The conditioner is just the right amount of hydration for me, leaving my hair feeling really soft, silky and hydrated without leaving any residue or heaviness in my hair. The way that these two products work together on my hair is literally exactly what I'm looking for - except for that pesky brightening for blondes thing that doesn't quite pair up with my hair. If you're blonde or grey haired and you're looking for a purple shampoo to deal with dullness or brassiness, I highly recommend this pairing. Seriously, I might have to go blonde for the summer.

Marc Anythony 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Hydrating Treatment*
I've actually been a fan of Marc Anthony hair oils for quite some time now, so I was super excited to try out this one. Basically, this is a seriously simple product to add to your routine. Wash your hair as usual, towel dry, and then work a couple of drops of this through damp hair and that's it. I also find that I can use a drop of this one dry hair, particularly at the ends, if I'm having frizz or flyaway issues - particularly in the colder months that I've been trying this out. With ingredients that promise to hydrate, soften and protect hair while promoting a healthy scalp, I think this is a really solid product that gets the job done. I also think it'll probably work for a lot of different hair types, because it's not heavy and greasy, but it still gets in there and adds that boost of moisture to the hair. This definitely gets two thumbs up for me and I'm definitely going to be keeping it in rotation.

Marc Anthony Volumizing Coconut Beach Waves Air Dry Texturing Cream*
In the past year, I've really been enjoying air dry cream products that add volume and texture to my hair, so I was excited to try this one. Initially, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about this, but then I applied it and pulled my hair back into a bun to let it dry and when I took it down I found that I really liked the pretty, wavey texture that I had going. It felt really soft, but it had that texture and definition that for me - again, with the pin straight hair - can be really difficult to get. I think I like this quite a lot better than a beach spray because it wasn't at all drying. For someone with naturally wavy hair, I think this could be an amazing product because it'll add that little something that just makes it look like you have that natural, sexy tousled hair.

Overall, while not all of these products were just right for my personal hair type, I do think that they're really good quality products and that they will each have their customer. For me, the styling products are definitely my personal favorite because they're a little bit more suited to my hair than the shampoos and conditioners. That said, I was not lying about how much I love the Brightening Coconut Butter products and if you're looking for a product to brighten and reduce brassiness in light hair, I highly, highly recommend checking it out. And if you're someone with quite thin hair who's looking for a boost, I definitely think you should take a look at the Volumizing Coconut Milk products!

Marc Anthony Coconut Hair Care Products are widely available now and retail for under $10! Check them out!

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