REVIEW: Wet N Wild 10 Pan Nude Awakening Palette

by - March 01, 2018

When the initial photos of the new Wet N Wild 10 Pan Palettes came out a couple of months ago, I have to admit that I wasn't entirely excited about the Nude Awakening palette. I never picked up this palette when it was originally released in the old format, which was laid out differently than this one but contained the exact same shades as far as I can tell, so I ultimately decided to give this one a go. I feel like all neutral palettes have become a little bit less exciting than they were a few years ago, because there are just so many of them. However, when I took a look at this one in store I decided to give it a go. 

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What really sold me on this palette was that it really looks like a workhorse type of palette. While it may not be the most exciting palette in the collection - obviously - I think this is by far the most every day wearable type palette that a lot of women will get a lot of use out of. While trends certainly come and go and we're in more of a warm toned trend at the moment, there are a lot of people who prefer a softer, more neutral toned palette that they can put together every day looks with easily.

When it comes to the curation of this palette, I really couldn't be happier with both the shades that were chosen and the way they were laid out in the palette. I think it has the perfect selection of light, midtone and deep shades to make for a really versatile palette that will suit a lot of different skin tones and styles of makeup. I personally tend to stick to a pretty basic contoured eye look with a pop of brightness on the lid most days of the week and this palette makes that really easy to do without having to think too hard about it.

Like with my other reviews from this line, let's start with the transition shades, which are probably the most exciting addition Wet N Wild made with these releases. First, on the top of the palette (right side of the photos) is a midtoned brown with very neutral, taupey undertones. For a long time, this was exactly the kind of transition shade that I gravitated towards and I think it can be really beneficial to have in your collection. Next, at the bottom of the palette, is a deeper sort of charcoal brown, which is great for adding some real depth and dimension because it plays like a contour. I think that these two shades really well chosen for this palette, because they really do maintain a neutral undertone. Formulawise, both of these shades are absolutely gorgeous with a smooth, creamy formula and incredible pigmentation.

Now, let's talk aboout the top row of shades moving left to right. First, there is a shimmery rose pink metallic. This shadow has a really soft, creamy texture and gives a really beautiful reflect. It can be a little bit powdery, but it picks up well on a brush and applies really easily. Next we have a really pale pinky champagne shimmer. This shade is a little bit sheer and, though it's quite soft and creamy, it can feel a little bit gritty. I recommend applying this shade wet for the most impact. After that we have a pale beige satin shade that is really, really pretty, but somewhat subtle. Again, if you're looking for more impact I would recommend applying this shade wet. Finally, we have a matte neutral cream shade that is pretty dreamy. It has great pigmentation and a really creamy, smooth formula that works great as both a base and a matte highlight.

Like with the other palettes, as we move to the next row we're finding more depth. First, we have a charcoal black with a matte base that's packed full of really fine shimmers. For me, this shade definitely behaves like a matte and has a much smoother, more pigmented formula that these types of shades in the Comfort Zone palette. Next we have a plum brown that falls somewhere between a metallic and a satin for me. It's got a beautiful, smooth formula and seriously impressive pigmentation. I love adding drama with a deep brown instead of a black, so I think this will be a great night time shade for me personally. Next, we have midtoned reddish brown matte. For me, this shade feels a hair drier than the other mattes in this palette, which I chalk up to the reddish pigments, but it performs really well and blends out smoothly with great pigmentation. Finally, and without question one of the most beautiful shades in this palette, we have a highly reflective rose gold metallic. This shade is just stunning. Gorgeous formula with great pigmentation and a really smooth, creamy texture. Can't say a single bad thing about this one.

For this look, I started with shade 2 on the brow bone and down into the crease a base. Next, I took shade one and really diffused it into and above the cream. Next, I applied shade 6 all over the lid and brightened it up a little bit with a dusting of shade 4 concentrated towards the inner corner. I used shade 10 to start deepening out my crease and blending everything together. And finally, I applied a little bit of shade 9 to my outer V to add some depth. With a little bit of shade 1, I added a bit of shadow to my lower lash line and I was done. This look wore all day without any issues.

Like I said above, this probably isn't going to be the most exciting palette in this set of releases, but it is without question probably the most universally wearable, every day type of palette. I think this palette is going to particularly appeal to people who don't necessarily have huge collections of makeup and who don't like to change their looks up or who prefer more conservative, neutral looks. Personally, I've found myself reaching for this a lot for every day work looks and I think a lot of people will really love this palette for that ease. Honestly, can't really say a bad thing about the formulation and performance of these shadows, so I'm definitely calling it a winner.

I believe these palettes are starting to pop up more and more in local Canadian retailers, so if you're interested in picking this or any of the other Wet N Wild Color Icon 10 Pan Palettes, I would keep an eye out at places like Superstore, Loblaws, Walmart, and Rexall!

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