MANI MONDAY: Neon Glitter Nails w. Geometric Stamping

by - July 30, 2018

Happy Monday, everyone! For this week's #CBBxManiMonday, the theme we're working with is Neon... and I really thought it would be easier to figure out what I wanted to do than it was. Ultimately, I ended up reaching for a couple of polishes in my collection that I've never used before and just kind of experimented - and then I spent the afternoon in the sun, and this baby was BRIGHT.

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Neon polish isn't my personal favorite to work with because it can be so finicky, so I don't own many and, admittedly, I don't like to spend a lot of money on them. So, of course, these polishes I used are very, very affordable from Sally Beauty's Bitzy brand. For the bright, neon pink/coral nails, I used Bitzy Candy Shop - which took 4 coats and dried really, really matte (as a lot of neons do.) For the middle two nails, I really wanted to use Bitzy Sweetie Pie, which is a milky base with pink, orange and green neon glitters in varying sizes. It's kind if a cool way to do neon, because the colour still comes thru and is distinctly neon, but it's a little bit more muted. 

Because I'm me and because, as someone of my generation who can remember clearly the neon craze of the early 90s, I love pairing neon and black for that really stark contrast... so I had to add some stamping. Because it seemed to make perfect sense with the theme, I decided to go with this kind of weird geometric image from the Bundle Monster BM-S307 stamping plate from their Festival Collection stamped with Born Pretty Store Black Stamping Polish. I think the look is kind of cool. 

Ultimately, I don't think neon is entirely my thing, but I'm happy to have gotten to use these polishes - might end up picking up a couple more of the Bitzy glitter polishes to experiment with - and I think I managed to get a super summery look that wasn't too hard to achieve. 

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