REVIEW: AVON Kids Fun Bath & Body Products

by - July 31, 2018

Hey guys! I've got something a little bit different on the blog today. I don't normally talk about kids stuff, that's not really my thing here on the blog, but I got the chance to check out these new Avon Kids products and it took me back. When I was a kid, I loved when my mom would get bath stuff from Avon for me, so I decided to lap up the nostalgia and try out these products for myself and feature them here on the blog!

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Avon Kids Bath & Body features kid-approved colors, scents and textures that are toxin-free so they’re gentle enough for your child’s delicate skin. No parabens or harsh soaps. Just 100% good, clean fun!

AVON KIDS Soapy Slime Body Cleanser in Sweet Peach*
Goopy is good! Inspire their imaginations with a jolly jelly-like gel that wipes away dirt in the bath or shower. 8 oz. net wt.

I feel like if there's one product that's basically perfect for kids in this line up, it's probably this. This Slime cleanser is such an incredibly weird texture that there's no doubt in my mind that kids will love playing with this at bath time. It's both liquid and solid at the same time and lathers up quite well when you emulsify it with water, so it actually does the job of cleansing while still being really fun. When I was testing this, I actually used it as a shave gel and it worked really well. The sweet peach scent is fairly soft, but it's present and I think kids will really enjoy it. I definitely would have been obsessed with this as a kid - and I would definitely gift this to kids in my life as well.

AVON KIDS Superfoam Body Wash in Apple Burst*
Frothy, instant-foam that's cheerfully colored and delightfully scented. 8.4 fl. oz

I'm not personally a big fan of these types of foaming body washes, but I feel like they're a great option for kids because they can just pump them out and rub them on. I also feel like I haven't seen a lot of them on the market for kids, so I feel like Avon made a good choice in going for this one. Also, the apple scent is one that I personally loved as a kid and I think a lot of kids will really enjoy this. Again, not my personal favorite type of formula, but I definitely think it's a good call for kids.

AVON KIDS Hocus Pocus Lotion Moisturizer in Marshmallow Poof*
The creamy lotion works like magic to soothe, smooth and moisturize delicate skin. 8 fl. oz.

I actually wasn't really all that excited about this lotion until I put it on and got a whiff of it. Like the other two products, this lotion doesn't have an overwhelming scent but it's definitely present and it lingers on the skin. It's lightly sweet, not too sugary, and has what I would say is a creamy sort of scent. When it comes to the texture of this lotion, I think it's right in that sweet spot where it isn't too light or too heavy. I've actually been keeping this lotion next to my bed and using it at night and I'm really happy with it.

Overall, I think the new Avon Kids products are kind of great and I think kids will really like them - I know I would have when I was a kid. Whether you're picking something up for your own kids or, like me, putting together a cute little gift I think these products are great. Also, they're gentle in the way that I know is important for delicate kid skin - always important.

If you're interested in these products, check out for more information and to find a local rep to purchase from!

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