REVIEW: Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

by - February 15, 2019

Are you sick of me talking about how much I love cleansing yet? Because man do I love cleansing. Earlier this year I finally decided to order a full size Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm, which resided on my wishlist for ages but I'd never picked up a full size of. I had tried a small sample size, which I enjoyed, but I really didn't feel like that gave me enough time to really put together a review, so now I really feel ready to give you guys my full review!

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This holy grail cleansing balm instantly melts makeup, removes impurities + gently exfoliates! Mineral oil free formula transforms from sorbet-like balm to silky oil to milky lather to remove makeup effortlessly. Zero residue. A blend of lime, bergamot + orange essential oils smells like vacation.

The first thing that seriously gets me about this cleansing balm is the scent. I like my cleansing routine to feel experiential and the smell of my products is definitely a part of that, and I can honestly say that the bright, fresh lime scent of this one is my personal favorite. Seriously, it's head and shoulders above any other cleansing balm that I've tried as far as that is concerned, and really makes me love the experience of working this into my skin. Obviously, this particular attribute is really subjective, but I love it and I could probably go on for a lot longer than this paragraph about how much I love the smell of this product.

Obviously more important than scent is how the product works, and I have to say I'm really, really happy with that as well. This has a really smooth texture that melts down easily into the skin and immediately starts breaking up the makeup. I've used it several times with really heavy makeup looks that can have a tendency to be really hard to get off, and it's done an amazing job and left very little behind. I do feel like it can take a little bit of work to break down really stubborn mascaras, but it does get there when you just gently massage the eyelashes with your fingertips and I haven't noticed it making my lashes shed any more than usual. 

When it comes to removing this product, like with any balm or oil cleanser, I recommend using a wash cloth to really make sure that you get all of the product off because otherwise it can leave behind residue which can lead to break outs. When I use this as a first cleanse, I remove it with a wash cloth and follow with a creamy skin cleanser, and I've also tried it as a morning cleanse (which it is lovely for, especially during these cold winter months) and once removed with the wash cloth my skin feels clean, soft and smooth and I don't find it leaves behind any residue. 

Another thing that makes this product stand out for me personally is that it isn't just a product that's going to break down makeup. It contains papaya enzymes to help exfoliate as well. If you're unfamiliar with fruit enzyme exfoliation, it basically works much the same way that exfoliating acids do, they break down the proteins attached to dead skin, allowing you to shed them naturally. I've had success with fruit enzymes in my routine in the past and I really enjoy how this particular product leaves my skin feeling as well. 

Honestly, this may be my favorite cleansing balm that I've ever used. On top of the scent that I'm basically obsessed with, this does the job of really getting the makeup off my skin and leaves my skin feeling really lovely and fresh without any stripping or discomfort. It's hard to really explain what makes this stand above other similar cleansers, but I really find that it does for me, and it's probably because of that intersection of efficacy and experience. Either way, I highly, highly recommend this product!

The Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm is available at Sephora in two sizes for $28CAD (50ml) or $44CAD (90ml).

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