REVIEW: The Inkey List Squalane Facial Oil

by - February 19, 2019

Hey guys! Have you heard about The Inkey List yet? When I saw the first display in my local Shoppers Drug Mart a few weeks ago, I remembered sort of peripherally hearing something about it but I hadn't really looked into it because it wasn't available here yet. But now it is! I feel like these types of brands, ones that offer affordable, straightforward formulas are definitely starting to become more common and I think it's interesting to see. Clearly, after the incredible success of The Ordinary, more brands are starting to see the benefit in this type of approach. I decided to only pick up one product at first - though clearly you know that I was tempted to go mad with power - and I picked the The Inkey List Squalane Face Oil because it's actually an oil that I'd been wanting to try out in my routine. 

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100% plant derived, THE INKEY LIST’s Squalane Oil is a natural wonder for all skin types. Lightweight and non-greasy, the oil helps to hydrate by bolstering your skin’s barrier, so preventing it from losing moisture. Great for dry skin, it helps to plump up your complexion’s appearance and so minimise fine lines; thanks to its ability to regulate oil production, Squalane is also great for oilier skin types – an all rounder if ever we saw one. Slot it into your routine morning or evening (or both) as a final step after serums and moisturiser to seal in all the goodness of your other products while hydrating.

Before we talk about the product, I just need to take a minute and be super critical of the packaging. I get that it's packaged in this simple squeeze bottle in order to keep the cost down, but this is an absolutely awful way to have to dispense a facial oil. It's almost impossible to get the amount you need and almost every time I've used it I've dispensed too much and ended up basically rubbing it all over my neck, chest, and hands just to work it in. For me, when I have an ounce of facial oil, I want to be able to dispense the right amount for my face and maybe down my neck and not have to worry about wasting it. I really wish that they had gone with a dropper style packaging for this because it just would have made things so much easier. 

Now let's talk about the product. The reason I've wanted to try using Squalane in my routine is because it really is one of those seriously good for you oils. It's not only super hydrating, but it's also a really good source of beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants. When I'm personally using oils in my skin care routine, I want them offer me something other than hydration and to be kind to my pores, since one of my skin care issues is that a lot of things tend to clog my pores if I'm not careful and I gt those awful little bumps. I've mostly been using this as the last step of my evening skin care routine, applied generously over the whole face but I've also tried it applied more sparingly during the day and it's worked beautifully both ways. It's fairly lightweight and I find that it makes my skin look really luminous but doesn't feel overly greasy on the skin. When I use it, I find that my skin feels and looks fresher and more hydrated. I also haven't noticed any pore clogging or breakouts since I've been using this. 

Overall, I really liked this product, but I'm admittedly unlikely to pick it up again because of the packaging, which is actually fairly unusual for me personally. I think the quality is great for the price and that if it was packaged differently (even if it added a couple of dollars to the price tag) I would be much more likely to keep repurchasing it. I'm definitely looking forward to trying more products from The Inkey List now that they're available in Canada, and if there's anything you'd specifically like to me to review I'd love if you'd let me know in the comments!

The Inkey List Squalane Face Oil is available in Canada at exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and retails for $14.99CAD.

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