REVIEW: Sinful Colors Naughty Nudes Collection

by - February 20, 2019

Hey guys! I'm really excited to do this review because I feel like Sinful Colors is really one of those brands that's underrated in the drugstore. When it comes to brands releasing interesting formulas and finishes in the mainstream nail polish game, I feel like Sinful Colors tends to really stand above the others in its category - even though Canada does definitely get left out when it comes to some of the more exciting collections that the brand releases. Luckily, we weren't left out of the release of the new Naughty Nudes collection, which is exclusively available at Walmart, and I was able to get my hands on 7 of the 9 shades and I really wanted to share my thoughts along with swatches of this collection because it's super unique and exciting to me!

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When I heard that the name of the collections was Naughty Nudes, I really did think it was going to end up being boring, but I have to say that Sinful really brought it with this collection. First of all, they definitely didn't root themselves as tightly into nudes as I would have thought, but they also brought really, really interesting formulas and finishes in each of the shades in this collection. Like I said, I only have seven of the shades because, of the nine, only 8 appear to be available in Canada and one of those just wasn't my thing so I skipped it. The shades missing from this post are Tease (a sheer opalescent shimmer shade), which I just wasn't into, and Body Language (a chocolate brown with teal flash), which doesn't appear to be available in Canada.

Sinful Colors - Strike A Pose
I would describe Strike A Pose as a pale beige nude with a blue shimmer to it that, when you look closely at the macro, seems like it actually might be an iridescent shimmer. It's actually a really interesting shade when you look at it closely, though from far it might seem a little bit boring. It's opaque in two coats, applies really smoothly, and self-levels really well. I'm not personally a huge fan of these types of shades, but this one really is lovely with that unique twist that they threw into it. Will definitely end up using this as a base for nail art in the future.

Sinful Colors - Come Closer
Come Closer is another really interesting shade in that it looks one way, but really has a lot of depth upon further inspection. I'd say that it's a sort of rosy fawn brown shade that can look a little bit purple in different light and it has a strong copper and gold flash. I actually really, really love this type of nude shade and I feel like the combination of a cool toned base with that really warm toned sheen makes it a shade that will suit a lot of different skin tones. This shade is also opaque in two coats, applies really beautifully, and is nicely self leveling. I'd say that this is probably my second favorite shade in the collection.

Sinful Colors - Nakey Nay
I almost didn't pick this one up because I wasn't sure it would be my thing, but I wanted to give it a try. It's a super weird shade. I'd say it's a sort of peachy base with a strong sort of rose gold pearlescent sheen - and I still don't even really know if that sums up this shade. It's opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on the thickness of your coats, and self levels quite well though it still does show some brush strokes in the actual pigment once it's dry. Honestly, though this shade is really different and that's always a plus for me, I still don't think I really like it. I wore it for a day and just didn't particularly love how it looks on me.  

Sinful Colors - Copper A Feel
I love, love, love this polish - it's definitely my favorite in the collection. It's a burnt orange base that can actually look a little bit chocolately in certain light, and is packed with tiny gold irregular flakies. This actually reminds me quite a lot of the Sinful Colors Stoned Crystal Shimmer polishes. It's somewhat similar to the shade Clay Me from that collection, but it's definitely a bolder tone. The formula on this is a stunner. Opaque in two coats, really nice to apply, self-leveling, but it does dry a little slower than the others, I think. Love, love, love this shade and I know that it's going to be a must have fall shade for me. 

Sinful Colors - Nude Mood
This is another one of those really, really unique shades in this collection. It's a deep eggplant sort of purple, very neutral in undertone, but it has a really strong gold flash. In low-moderate light, this really does just look like a deep purple créme, but once light hits it you really get that flash - even moreso in person than I was able to capture in the swatch photo. It's a very opaque shade and you could definitely get away with just one coat, but I did apply two for these photos. It levels really nicely and applies well, although I would recommend a clean up brush to get a really crisp edge. 

Sinful Colors - Skin-Tillating
Now we really get into the shades that are surprising to me for a nude collection, starting with Skin-Tillating, which is a deep brown jelly base that's packed full of a multichrome shimmer that mostly shows up as this deep teal on the nails. In the bottle, I find that I can see some magenta and orange around the edges, but it doesn't really translate to the nails. On the nails, this shade can look a little bit dull and flat when you're not getting the light, but when you do it really, really shines. It can end up looking more blue or more green depending on the light, but the shimmer is really stunning either way. It took a little bit of building and definitely needed at least two coats for full opacity, but it leveled really well and dried really smooth and flawless. 

Sinful Colors - Skinny Dip
Now, I hate to end on a sour note, but Skinny Dip was definitely the most disappointing shade for me in this collection. This shade has a surprisingly opaque black jelly base and is packed with gold, burgundy and copper shimmer. In this bottle, it looks absolutely gorgeous and I thought I was going to love it, but in practice it really does generally just look like a black polish and you only get the shimmer in very direct light. It applied really nicely and I quite like the volume that the jelly base gives, but when it dried it ended up looking a little bit textured. This was not my personal favorite, but I know that there are definitely people who will probably enjoy this and it definitely gets points for being unique.

I decided I wanted to include a little bit of nail art along with this review, specifically because I'm so impressed with how well Nude Mood stamped. For my first and pinkie fingers I did two coats of Nude Mood (more for density than coverage, coverage was complete in one coat.). For my middle two fingers, I started with a coat of Strike A Pose and then did a gradient of Strike A Pose and Come Closer. For the stamping I used this sort of brick pattern from the BP-13 Stamping Plate using Nude Mood and then finished all of my nails with a coat of Essence The Gel Polish Top Coat.

For me, this palette is a little bit hit and miss, but I think there are definitely more hits than misses and the hits are so interesting and cool that it makes up for the misses. The shades that I would personally recommend are Strike A Pose, Come Closer, Copper A Feel, and Nude Mood. I think Nakey Nay and Skin-Tillating are really interesting shades that are super good quality, but just not really my thing. And I honestly think that Skinny Dip is just... a miss for me, which is unfortunate since I loved it so much in the bottle. 

The Sinful Colors Naughty Nudes Collection is available now and I've managed to find 8 of the 9 shades here in Canada at my local Walmart and retail for $1.99 each!

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