REVIEW: Avon Iconic Blooming Blush Palette

by - July 02, 2019

Hey guys! I'm a huge fan of a blush palette and I suspect I always will be. Though I wouldn't say I'm a huge traveler by any means, a blush palette is basically a must for travel for me, but I actually really prefer reaching for a palette when I'm at home as well. Having multiple options in my hand makes choosing a blush shade to go with my eyes and lips for that day a lot easier and I can really see the differences in tone when I have side by side comparisons. So, of course, I was really excited to try out the new Avon Iconic Blooming Blush Palette*

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Definitely designed for summer, this palette contains 4 blush shades that are embossed with a rose pattern. It's packaged in a really pretty, modern looking white plastic palette with simple pink branding. There is definitely a scent to the blushes themselves that feels to me like a really fresh floral.. sort of like fresh laundry and flowers combined. 

As you can see, the shades in this palette are quite warm across the board - which is what I know a lot of people like to reach for in the summer - and they range from pretty soft and natural to a little bit more bold and in your face. I feel like the shade selection actually makes this a good choice for a fairly wide variety of skin tones, with a lighter hand necessary for fair skin and some building needed for deeper skin tones. 

In the pan these first two shades - both matte - look fairly different but I've found that they look a little too similar to me on the skin. The shade on the left is a little more neutral in tone with a slight rosy undertone and is definitely the kind of shade that I'm most likely to reach for. The shade on the left is more of a coral undertone and I think it would look really, really pretty on more medium to tan skin tones. Both have a really smooth matte texture and are quite pigmented, though not to the point that I find them difficult to use. They blend really well on the skin and have good lasting power. 

The bottom two shades in the palette are definitely the more interesting and unique. Though in the pan they look quite shimmery at first, I find that they both have more of a satin texture on the skin, with just a little bit of luminosity. The shade on the left is a very bold pink with a slight coral undertone and even applied lightly on fair skin this is going to be a blush with some pop to it. The shade on the left is kind of a rosy bronzey shade and I was actually really, really excited to see this in the palette because I love a rosy bronze blush for summer. Ultimately, I think I would have preferred this to be a little bit more rosy, but it is a pretty shade. The pigmentation definitely isn't as strong on this shade as the other three in the palette, which I think might make it difficult for deeper skin tones to use, but on my skin tone I'm able to apply it quite easily. Again, both of these shades blend quite well and have good lasting power, but I'd say the bright coral pink definitely stays longer on the skin. 

As you can see, those first two shades are quite similar but there are definitely differences. The bright shade has an amazing pop and I think would look beautiful with a really fresh, dewy summer makeup look. And the bronzey shade is lighter in pigmentation so it ends up looking quite natural on the skin, but that does make it hard to build up. I do like the shade selection in this palette and I think a lot of people would definitely get summer use out of it.

Overall, I think this is a really unique and interesting release for Avon for the summer and I like that that they went with this really modern, simple packaging for it. I think the shade selection is pretty on point for summer and will work well for a lot of different skin tones.

The Avon Iconic Blooming Blush Palette* is limited edition, so if you're interested definitely head over to or or contact your local rep to get your hands on it before its gone!

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