MANI MONDAY: Rose Gold & Plum Textile Nail Art

by - September 23, 2019

Happy Monday! For this week's #CBBxManiMonday theme, I really wanted to see what kind of dimension I could achieve using just two shades. I feel like sometimes using too many shades can have the opposite of the desired effect, making a mani look muddy, but I do like a lot of texture and depth so I tend to go a little mad with power when choosing polishes. Anyway, I actually can't really believe how much texture and depth I was able to get using just two polishes (plus one stamping polish) for this Rose Gold & Plum Textile mani!

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So the first thing I did for this mani was to make the decals using a dry brush technique. The two polishes I used for this are Color Club Matte-erial Girl from the Matte-ified Metallics Collection and Sinful Colors Nude Mood from the Naughty Nudes Collection. The reason I chose these two shades is that they had the rose gold and plum tones that I wanted, but both shades also have some shift and flash to them, which I really felt would help add the dimension I was looking for. To make the decals I did a dry brush technique, just swiping the polishes together until I got the desired blend. (It's a little bit like the Drybrush Smoosh I detailed here, but I let the decals dry and transferred them that way.)

Over one coat of Matte-erial Girl, I applied a thin coat of Chen Xi Star Glue. Once the glue was clear and tacky, I transferred the decals to my Clear Stamper* so that I could smoothly transfer them onto the nail. I much prefer this technique for applying decals because it just makes everything a lot less tricky. Once the decal was applied, I used my Chisel Tip Silicone Tool*, which is an absolute must for me when applying decals. The shape is just perfect to really work the decal onto the nail fully and smoothly, which can be really tricky otherwise. 

For the stamping, I decided to go with this image from the Maniology BM-S304 Festival Plate, which I really feel gives a sort of textile look the mani. Taking inspiration from a mani I did last year, I decided to layer the image and slightly offset it to add more texture. For the first layer, I transferred the image using Maniology Magic Hour Stamping Polish, and for the second layer I used Sinful Colors Nude Mood (which stamps surprisingly well for a regular polish.)

I finished with a coat of essence Extreme Shine Top Coat and... voila!

All Products Used
Color Club Matte-erial Girl
Sinful Colors Nude Mood
Maniology Magic Hour Stamping Polish
essence Extreme Shine Top Coat
Chen Xi Star Glue Clear Stamper* Chisel Tip Silicone Tool*
Maniology BM-S304 Stamping Plate
elf Concealer Brush for cleanup

I love love love how this turned out. I feel like the really strong shift in Color Club Matte-erial Girl gave a really beautiful warmth and dimension that makes this a really perfect fall mani. I feel like a warm plum polish or look is a little bit of a twist on the kinds of shades we normally think of for fall. I also really love how this look came together using on two polishes (and a stamping polish!) It really makes me rethink how I can put nail art looks together.

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