REVIEW: AVONxTHEFACESHOP Mango Seed Moisturizers

by - February 07, 2020

The most exciting thing for me about Avon teaming up with THEFACESHOP to bring their customers KBeauty products is definitely the skin care aspect of it and I was super excited when I got the chance to try out the Mango Seed Moisturizing Butter* and the Mango Seed Radiant Moisturizing Oil*. I've had incredibly good luck with THEFACESHOP skin care in the past and winter was the absolute perfect time to put these two moisturizers to the test on skin that really needed that boost of moisture and protection.

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The thing that made me most excited to try these, I must admit, is that both of these both contain a ceramide derived from shea butter. The line promises to keep skin smooth, silky and hydrated while strengthening and protecting the skin's barrier. At this time of year specifically, maintaining hydration and protecting my moisture barrier are basically my top skin concerns, but because I've struggled with Korean moisturizing creams being a little bit too heavy and breaking me out in the past I was cautiously optimistic. 

THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Advanced Moisturizing Butter* 
$45CAD @
This highly nourishing facial butter features mango seed and ceramide derived from shea butter to provide dual-action hydration to keep skin looking and feeling healthy and moisturized.

When I first saw and felt how thick and rich this cream is, I was a little bit terrified that it was going to feel overly heavy on the skin and possibly break me out. The texture of it is really interesting though. Even though it is a really rich cream, it melts down really smoothly into the skin and feels quite lightweight while still packing a huge punch of moisture. This product does contain fragrance, which I am definitely trying to avoid more these days, but it's such a nice, light fruity scent that I really personally enjoy, so it does give that really sensorial experience. 

Though I do love the way this works into the skin and the lightweight feel of it overall, I would say it's still a little bit too much for my skin for daytime wear, especially with makeup, but I absolutely love it at night. When I use this right before bed, I really do wake up with great looking skin that has that bounce and radiance that I love.

Honestly, my winter skin has really, really been loving this moisturizer as a part of my night time routine. Personally, I would recommend it for people with dry or more mature skin generally, but I think that normal skin types who lean more dry during the colder, drier months of the year could probably also get some real benefit for this as a part of their night time routine. 

THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Advanced Radiant Moisturizing Oil*
$45CAD @
This lightweight, yet deeply nourishing multi-use facial oil helps to hydrate while creating a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss and improves the look of radiance. Fast absorbing, it can also be applied to dry elbows, knees and hair.

This product really does sort of remind me in a lot of ways of Moisturizing Butter. It has the same light, fruity scent to it and it's quite a rich oil that packs a lot of punch but doesn't feel heavy. This is DEFINITELY a night time product for me - in my notes from testing I said, "makes me GLOW HARD." I don't know about you, but I like my night time routine to leave me basically looking like a grease ball, especially in the winter, and this definitely does that. For drier skin types, you could probably get away with patting a little bit into the skin for day time if you want a little bit more radiance to the skin, but if you're going to apply makeup over top of it I would recommend a very, very light hand. 

In the winter, I definitely always try to finish out my night time routine with an oil, just to really lock everything in, but I also like to add moisture and hydration at every step of my routine at this time of year. Like I said, this isn't an overly heavy product and though I referred to it making me look like a grease ball, it's not actually greasy in texture at all. It's actually quite smooth and silky, but not dry. (Having a little bit of trouble describing...) It's a facial oil, it glows like crazy but this one doesn't have a slimy or greasy texture on the skin. 

Anyway, I've really been enjoying this facial oil and I think it's really helped over the past couple of months with maintaining my skin. Like the butter, this contains that ceramide to help protect your skin's barrier, which is super important to me at this time of year. 

Honestly, I've really, really been enjoying these products and I think they'd be a great option for people with dry or mature skin, but also for people like me who deal with some seasonal dryness. If you have oily or combination skin, these might be a little heavier and oil heavy for what you need, but... I don't have that skin type, so I couldn't say for sure. I personally really like to layer these products, which is probably a lot, but they work really beautifully for my skin that way and I haven't had any clogged pore or break out issues as a result. That said, you probably don't need both and I would go with one or the other first to see how they work for your skin. 

All of the products from the collaboration between AVON and THEFACESHOP are available now at as well as from your local representative!

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