NAIL ART: Pastel Purple & Green Gradient Nails

by - July 08, 2020

Sometimes when I see pretty looking polishes in the dollarstore, I really just can't help but to want to try them out and see how they perform, especially when it comes to nail art. Recently, I saw these really pretty pastel shades at my local Dollar Tree and was immediately inspired to see how the green and purple shades would work in a gradient. Ultimately, I think they actually performed really, really well. 

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I started with the pale green shade on my middle two fingers and the purple on the rest. I went with the green as the base for my gradient because it felt like it would cover more easily (I don't like using a white base for a gradient, so I always tend to use the lightest shade in my gradient.) Using a makeup sponge, I did 3 layers of gradient to get the opacity and blend that I was looking for and then I applied matte top coat to all of my nails. I think these polishes actually performed really, really well for the gradient and got a surprisingly good blend without browning.

For the stamping (because of course I had to add stamping) I reached for my much loved Nicole Diary L07 Plate along with two stamping polishes from Clear Jelly Stamper in deeper and bolder purple and green shades. I love this swirling pattern and I particularly like layering it in two different colours because it really fills in the nail but is also quite delicate and leaves a ton of the base showing - not always the easiest balance to strike.

And voila! Super easy and I'm really happy with the result. 

All Products Used
Sassy + Chic Nail Polish Lavender 914 
Sassy + Chic Nail Polish Creamy Green 910
Clear Jelly Stamper Stamping Polish 77 Lush Leaf
Clear Jelly Stamper Stamping Polish 16 Shiraz
Essie Matte About You Top Coat
Nicole Diary L07 Stamping Plate
Born Pretty Store Clear Stamper

Though these polishes did create a really pretty look, they did start chipping much sooner than other polishes (and because I tend to treat the nails on my star nail art hand a lot more gingerly, I don't actually get a lot of chipping, so that is significant) I think that if you're on a budget or, like me, you change your polish really frequently these polishes do work for creating nail art. Personally, I do still prefer more spendy polishes, but these ones absolutely did get the job done. 

The Sassy + Chic Nail Polishes are available here in Canada at Dollar Tree. 
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