REVIEW: Avon Birthday Balm Lip Crayon

by - July 29, 2020

For the past few years, I've really found that during the summer I gravitate towards sheer, easy to wear lip colours and leave the bold ones in the drawer, but this summer has really been driving that home. Like, I think, a lot of people I haven't really been all about makeup this summer, but I always keep some really easy lip options in my purse for when I want to add a little bit of life to my face, so I was super excited when the Avon Birthday Balm Lip Crayons* arrived on my doorstep, because they seemed like exactly the type of formula that I'm loving at the moment. They've been living in my purse and I've been reaching for them pretty much everyday lately to really give them a good test.

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A lip crayon for every party, this butter-soft balm provides a sheer hint of color for your best nude lip ever. Plus, it’s portable, perfect for touch-ups and never needs to be sharpened. Available in shades that complement all skin tones.

For me, it's super important when a nude lip collection really has a wide span of shade options, since "nude" is different for every skin tone and there are so many different variations of nude even for my own skin tone and taste. This line includes six shades that range from quite light to fairly deep, but they're all definitely a sheer formula, which I think makes them really, really versatile. 

I really, really love that they went for an angled tip like a lipstick for this formula, even though it's in a more traditional twist up packaging. I always find, personally, that this shape holds up better and maintains an easy application while the more crayon-shaped tips tend to flatten down and get a little bit more difficult to use. These are also quite a good size, large enough to make application really quick and easy but not so large that they're going to get messy. They're also big enough that even though the formula is quite soft and creamy, it doesn't feel like it's going to break off if I push too hard when applying - I think we all know that struggle!

Formulawise, I find these really, really lovely. They're really creamy on the lips and definitely give a really healthy looking shine, like a soft lip gloss. It's not a very thick formula and it has a lot of slip, which makes it feel comfortable to me, and because they're more sheer I don't worry too much about it traveling outside my lip lines with this formula. The initial hit of moisture feels really, really nice but I do find that if I don't reapply, my lips can feel a little bit dry once this wears away, so I definitely wouldn't rely on this as a lip balm type of product and will personally use it exclusively as a lip colour product, which I think is an important distinction. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to like all of these shades initially, but I have to say that all three work really well on my skin tone. 

Birthday Suit is more of a peachy nude shade that mostly has an evening effect on my lips and almost ends up looking like I just have really healthy lips. It definitely has pigment to it and I can tell a distinct difference when I'm wearing it, but it wouldn't necessarily read to other people - a net positive in my book. 

Surprise! is more of a mauve nude and definitely has more depth and pigment than Birthday Suit. I have to say, this is actually the one that when I first applied it, I was the least sure about but it has actually sort of become my favorite. It's just the perfect your-lips-but-better type of shade on me - more obviously a lip colour but in a really effortless kind of way.

Fine Wine is a sort of rich berry toned shade that I think would do for deeper skin tones what Surprise! does for me. On my skintone, I actually really like to sort of pat this onto the lips and then work it in so it acts sort of like a stain, giving me the look of having those naturally pigmented, bee-stung looking lips. I actually really, really love this one and I think it could absolutely be universally flattering, just in different ways. 

I have to say, this formula has been great for me. I love the crayon format in this type of formula, it just makes it really, really easy to reach for on an every day basis and all three shades offer the sort of effortless look (that is actually effortless) that I've been drawn to this summer. I definitely think this collection is worth a look if this is the type of formula you're into.

The Avon Birthday Bath Lip Crayons* are available online from and from your local Avon rep!

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