INDIE POLISH: Starrily - Violet Twilight

by - September 04, 2020

Recently I've had the opportunity to try out some Starrily polishes from* and they absolutely continue to blow my mind with their formulas. If you're a reader of this blog, you'll already know that my all time favorite black créme polish is Starrily's Vantablack and I've also really, really loved all of the other shades that I've tried from the brand, so I wasn't really at all surprised at how these polishes have been working out for me. Today, I wanted to feature the shade Violet Twilight* and show you some swatches as well as nail art that I created using this shade as a base.

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Described as "a beautiful soft shimmer purple polish with tiny holographic flakes and blue undertones", I feel like this is one of those polishes that is more than the sum of its parts. It really does perfectly ride that line between blue and purple so perfectly that it's really hard to choose just one. It also has a strong pink/purple flash in it that really bumps up the dimension and, frankly, the gorgeousness of it. The flash paired with the really consistent scattered holo really does give it a kind of soft galaxy feel that I personally think is really gorgeous. 

Starrily recommends 2-3 coats for full coverage and I'd say that's really bang on. Because I tend to be a little more heavy handed when it comes to my coats, I only needed 2 to get the coverage I was looking for, and that's what is featured in these swatch photos. It applied really easily, a little bit patchy on that first coat (especially towards the center of the nail where I inevitably end up with less polish, but on that second coat I got really even coverage. When first applied, this does have some visible brush strokes, but this is one of those polishes where those disappear as the polish dries.

I always feel like a gorgeous base can really pop when you add some black stamping and I really wanted to use this nautlius image from the WhatsUpNails B025 Animalistic Nature Stamping Plate, so that's what I went with. I started with applying the image using Born Pretty Store White Stamping Polish and then followed with WhatsUpNails Neither Noir Black Stamping Polish to really get that dimension and grounding. I followed with first a coat of Suncoat Water Based Top Coat to seal in the stamping and then a coat of Starrily Antimatter All Purpose Gloss* to really bring out the shine. And voila!

Honestly, in the bottle this polish didn't call to me as much as some of the other Starrily polishes, but once I got it onto the nails I got some major heart eyes. I honestly can't downplay just how impressed I am with Starrily's formulas over all and I can't wait to share more of them here on the blog!

If you're interested in picking up any of the Starrily polishes that I feature here on the blog, they're available from - and feel free to use my affiliate code TRYSH for 10% off your order!

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