CHRISTMAS NAIL ART: Red & White Modern Graphic Christmas Nails

by - December 13, 2020

When I sat down to do today's mani, there was absolutely a sense of the base colour being the star for this one. I feel like that's one thing I always find about using a really beautiful indie polish as a base for nail art - I never want to take away from that base polish with whatever I put on top of it. For this mani, I used one such stunning polish and decided that I needed to keep it simple to let the polish shine, so I reached for a brand spankin' stamping plate with some really modern designs and a white stamping polish for some high contrast!

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Can we talk about Cirque Colors Snozzberry for a moment here? I mean... Cirque describes it as a "burgundy red jelly nail polish with dazzling iridescent flakes" and like... that's true but also it really doesn't do justice to how gorgeous this polish is. I couldn't even capture in photos the majesty of this polish - it's STUNNING. You can see it a bit in the macro shot, but believe me when I tell you that in person it's even more intense and impactful and those flakies just... No words. Cirque is quickly moving to the top of the list of my favorite nail polish brands because Ughnnnnn. Love. This polish is stunning and I suspect that it might end up being what's on my nails for actual Christmas. Will stop now. Don't want to go mad with gushing. 

For this mani I did two coats, which gives a really gorgeous jelly look and isn't full coverage but really doesn't need to be.

I always end up picking up at least one or two new holiday stamping plates from Born Pretty Store when they release them every year. This year I picked up Born Pretty-Christmas-L009, which is a very on trend plate with these sort of abstract designs, and I felt like they would be perfect for using just as they are over this base polish. I picked four different images for this mani, trying to be thoughtful about which image I wanted on each nail, and used a white stamping polish for stong contrast and firmly Christmasy vibes.

Once I was happy with the stamping, I sealed it in with a layer of water based top coat and then finished with a glossy top coat for shine and voila!

All Products Used
Cirque Colors - Snozzberry
What's Up Nails - Blanc My Mind
Suncoat Water Based Top Coat
Starrily Antimatter All Purpose Gloss
Pueen Liquid Peel Off Cuticle Guard
Born Pretty-Christmas-L009 Stamping Plate
What's Up Nails Magnified Clear Stamper

Honestly, I do love the design I did for this mani, but it really is just all about the base shade - this is one that I'm going to undoubtedly be reaching for every Christmas season for as long as I have it. It's just perfection for this season and... I'm going to stop myself before I go mad with gushing.

Be sure to check back here every day until Christmas Eve for more holiday/winter themed nail art designs and head over to @pblnails on Instagram to check out my nail art videos! Also, if you've missed any of the designs I've posted so far this month, click here to see all of the mani's I've posted for holiday 2020!

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