by - September 05, 2023

Hey all! It's been a while since I've done an adult toy review here on the blog, but I'm super excited to show a new goodie from LELO that I - and my partner - have been testing out over here and it's a GOOD one. I've always been overall really impressed with all of the gadgets from LELO that I've tested out, but the LELO Dot Cruise* ranks pretty high up there, particularly as a toy to be with or on someone else, if you get my meaning!

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LELO DOT™ Cruise pinpoint clitoral stimulator. Thanks to Infinite Loop™ technology, it moves in a unique elliptical motion with delicate precision, using the soft and bendable tip to provide a new type of sensation. But LELO DOT™ Cruise also features signature Cruise Control™ technology that ensures constant intensity throughout use, eliminating the most common complaint against pleasure products.

Along with the LELO Dot Cruise, in the box you'll find your charging cord, a storage/carrying pouch, and a little foil packet of their glycerine and paraben free Personal Moisturizer. Obviously, as this is a high end toy, these types of details are to be expected, but I do find the pouches to be quite well made and I very much appreciate the presentation. Everything about this toy feels high quality. 

As with all of the LELO products, the construction and quality of the DOT Cruise is top notch. The construction feels sturdy with really clean lines and a very pleasing weight. The silicone outer is silky smooth to the touch and really, really, easy to clean - which is obviously paramount. I personally love the handle of this one, which matches my all time favorite LELO, the Soraya 2. It not only has a nice sturdy hand feel, it's ergonomic enough that it's really comfortable to move around. 

I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes I find the buttons on toys to be a little bit confusing at first, but I always find the LELO 3 button controls are a bit of a no brainer. These controls allow you to move between the 8 different vibration patterns - from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse - really easily and without having to fumble around with it. It also has a really good button feel, which is important.

For me, what really makes this stand out is this amazing little tip. This, for me, is what makes this a perfect toy to use with a partner because this tip allows for absolute pinpoint stimulation, but also allows for a bit of teasing since it's so flexible. This toy features two trademarked technologies that, I think, are what really makes it stand out. 

The Infinite Loop™ technology "combines elliptical motion with a soft, bendable tip to offer precise stimulation across the clitoris and any external erogenous zone" and the patented Cruise Control™ technology "makes the unique pulsations constant during use, so when it’s pressed hard against the body extra power is unleashed." For me, it's the Cruise Control™ that really stands out, since some motors tend to sort of peter out when you put too much pressure on, but this one continues to go hard. 

Honestly, as soon as I took this out of the box, I knew that this would be a toy that me and my partner would get a lot of use out of. While I do think it is absolutely a wonderful solo toy, I do definitely think it shines when used with a partner during foreplay and otherwise. It allows for very specific attention exactly where and how you need it, but the specificity also allows for some teasing and experimentation that I think a lot of people will really enjoy. 

Once again, LELO has put together a beautiful and genuinely unique product with this one. If there's one thing that can be said about LELO above and beyond the quality of their products, I feel like they're always pushing to create a new and unique experience for their customers. This is definitely no exception to that and I find it absolutely gorgeous!

If you're interested in picking up the LELO Dot Cruise*, check out more info and purchase information on the LELO website. 

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