JULEP Red Marker Sale Haul

by - July 03, 2014

So I made this promise to myself that I was going to stop buying Julep polish for a while... unless my monthly Maven picks were some kind of amazing and I couldn't resist. See, that's the kind of permission that I give myself that opens the door to all kinds of shopping... But I mean... Can you blame me?

Last year when Julep had their big sale, I got some absolutely amazing deals on various polishes and body products - particularly the body products, so I was hoping for some of the same this year. I was a little disappointed by the selection, but I did find a handful of polishes at an incredible price and one little beauty item that I had to have. 

SO, let's take a closer look.

Bunny, Alexis, Evelyn, Christine, Kimberly, Julep Eyelash Curler

Julep Bunny 
"Crisp white linen with fine gold shimmer."
In the bottle, this polish looks absolutely gorgeous. There's something really unique and beautiful about the fine gold shimmer going through the white polish. When you apply it? Or at least when I apply it there's no sign of the gold shimmer at all. This just looks like any other streaky white cream polish. Such a disappointment, since I was really excited about this one.

Julep Alexis
So... I can't find this on the Julep website. Or anywhere, really. Which is weird, no? Anyway, this polish is different than it looks in either of these pictures because all that really picked up in the photos was the gold shimmer. It's actually a beautiful deep purple polish with fine gold shimmer in it. It's absolutely gorgeous. I haven't applied it yet, but the swatch on the bottle looks really opaque and beautiful. Can't wait to wear this one, I think I need a night out.

I was really excited for this duo because I felt like both of the colours were really, really interesting and unique, and I'm definitely finding myself a little disappointed. Alexis is really beautiful and I can't wait to wear it, but I think Bunny is going to go into the giveaway pile because... I have other white creams and I don't need one that's going to taunt me with fake shimmer.

Julep Evelyn
"Magenta purple créme."
This colour is really, really pretty and right up my alley. It's a cream finish, which is probably my favorite, and it's solidly packed with pigment. I haven't done a whole manicure with it yet, but I swatched it and it looks really good. That's really all I can say about it at this point. Not exactly unique or earth shattering, but very pretty and will get a lot of wear I think.

Julep Christine
"Bronze microshimmer."
SO PRETTY. I have a feeling that this one is going to be a bit of a fall/winter go to. It's definitely in no way a summery polish, but I still kinda want to put it on because it really is right up my alley. It really is a solid, opaque shimmer polish. I would say that it's a sort of green leaning bronze, but still a really pretty colour all around. Gorgeous. 

This duo is definitely the winner of the two, if only because both of the colours turned out to be really, really nice. Like I said, I haven't worn any of these in a full manicure yet, so I can't speak to application and staying power... but colourwise they're beautiful and the swatches look really, really nice.  

... I need to stop buying fall/winter polishes in the summer, I really do.

Julep Kimberly - $2
I can't get an official description of this one either, but this is a pinky lilac speckled polish. I actually have the sister polish to this in Emerson, which was included in the Speckled For Spring Mystery Box. This polish was the one that was chosen by fans to be heavily discounted in the sale and for $2 I couldn't resist a buy. It's actually really pretty and I did wear a manicure of this one over the weekend. It leans a little bit orchid in the colouring, which makes it fit into this year's Colour Of The Year quite well. This is a really good polish, I'm super happy with it.

Julep Eyelash Curler - $1
This pick was kind of random, but I figured that for a dollar it was probably worth a try... And I actually really love it. I usually just skip on curling my lashes because I can never get the traditional eyelash curler in there right on my left eye. I don't know what it is, but it just never works. This one, though, actually gets in there quite well and does a pretty good job of curling my lashes. And for a buck, how can you go wrong? Not gonna lie, kind of wish I had bought 2 of these while I had the chance.

So there you have it... I'm pretty happy with this haul, since I got 5 polishes and an eyelash curler for $13 total. Being a Maven is nice, because it means that I can order without having to worry about the cost of shipping. When shopping online, I always consider the cost of shipping as being added to the cost of the items I'm ordering and always take the actual value of those items into account before completing my order. Julep knows what they're doing, because I never have to worry about that so I just buy buy buy.

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