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While I was thinking about doing a Christmas wishlist for this year, I decided that I wanted to branch out from beauty gifts into other ideas. It started with a few books that I'd love to find under the tree this year and it went from there. I mean, even beauty lovers are going to want other things, right? Granted, it's not necessarily as easy for me to make an online wishlist for non-beauty items as it is for makeup-and-skincare-and-haircare- oh-my! but it's doable and I'm sure that a lot of the people in my life would rather get me other things this year since my collection is generally insane.

So keep reading for my picks for great non-beauty-related gifts for this holiday season!

Grace's Guide: The Art Of Pretending To Be A Grown Up - by Grace Helbig
I've been watching Grace on Youtube for years and I love her kind of dry, self-depreciating humor, so I feel like her take on how to pretend to be a grown up will be funny and charming with those little bits of hidden insight sneaking their way in there as well.

Yes Please - by Amy Poehler
Here's a true story... I used to really, really dislike Amy Poehler. I don't actually know what it was, but I didn't like her until after her SNL days when I started to see that she is a seriously righteous woman with a hell of a lot of amazing things to say. I've wanted to read this for ages, so it's actually pretty miraculous that I haven't picked it up for myself.

The Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Cookbook
Go here. See, the thing is... I love soup. I love making soup, I love eating soup, I love stalking Pinterest for soup recipes, and I really wanted a soup cookbook to get through this winter with lots of good recipes. And this book, friends, is not only filled with 100 soup recipes, but it's also for a good cause. It's win/win. SOUP FOR EVERYONE.

Time Machine For Teapot - Modcloth - Retail $44.99
Anyone who knows me knows about my near obsessions with all things Doctor Who. For my birthday, my boyfriend got me an amazing coffee table book filled with 50 years of information about the show. So how, really, could I resist this adorable TARDIS teapot? Answer, I couldn't. It's winter, it's freezing already, and I want to hibernate with a cup of tea from my TARDISpot and force my boyfriend to rewatch the show with me on Netflix.

Knit Fingerless Gloves - Etsy - Retail $13.92
This has actually always been my preferred way to wear mittens/gloves. I like having my fingers free to fiddle with the radio and whatnot, but I don't actually want to have to touch my ice cold steering wheel. All you other Canadian girls know how it is. So these, which are really beautiful in their own right, are the perfect option. Plus, it harkens to the knitwear on Outlander... and there's another thing I'm obsessed over.

Ladies Manitobah Harvester Moccasin - - Retail $96.00
For the past couple of years, I've really wanted a pair of moccasin's. I walk past stores that sell them and gaze at them longingly, wanting nothing more than to put them on my feet. While I do like the much higher mukluks, I feel like these harvester style moccasin's are a much better fit to my style. And don't they look comfy and wonderful? GIVE THEM TO ME NOW.

Coffee is Critter-cal Mug - Modcloth - Retail $14.99
Um. So. The thing is... I love mugs. I really, really love mugs. Most of the time, I drink my tea from a mug that I got at Downtown Disney in California that has the seagulls from Finding Nemo with the word "Mine!" written on it about a dozen times. And it's adorable. And I love it. I think this comes from my mom, who actually has a souvenir collection of mugs from all over the world. I don't know. I like mugs. And this mug is SUPER cute. And obviously tea tastes better from a cute mug, right? Right???

Hot Buttered Rum 3 Wick Candle - Bath And Body Works - Retail $22.50
I LOVE HOLIDAY CANDLES!! There, I said it. Stated the obvious. Joined the rank of pretty much everyone ever who loves to bask in the warm, rich scents of holiday candles. This one is definitely a favorite of mine. Sweet without being cloying, warm and toasty and cozy and wonderful. I love it. I want the whole house to smell like it for the whole winter. Is that too much to ask? Maybe. Maybe, indeed. But if it's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Around The World Gift Tea Set - DAVIDsTEA - Retail $24.50
Are you sensing a tea theme here? I love that the world of curated tea is becoming more and more accessible, because I really love trying different flavors and combinations of tea. However, I hate berry teas with all the fires in my soul and would much rather not put chocolate teas anywhere near my lips. I prefer rich, warm flavors or fresh, bright citrus flavors. This seemed like a pretty good set of teas that I think I would like to put it my mouth. So I want it. 

This is the point in this post where I feel super greedy. Let me take a moment to try and shake that  greed off before I continue.

Black Hipster Footless Pajamas- - Retails $29.99
Um. Yes please? Lately, when I leave the house in the morning and venture out into the cold winter morning, I dream of having the kind of job where I can work in my pajamas all day. And when I picture myself working in pajamas all day, I'm wearing these pajamas and drinking my coffee from a porcupine mug. Ahhhh, dreams. Even though I do not have that job, I still want these babies for after work. I feel like my bum would really love me for it.

Rebecca Minkoff Small Amorous Satchel - - Retail $311.58 SALE $249.27
I mean... I'm not actually going to get this bag, but that doesn't mean I can't wish for it, right? I've been wanting a Rebecca Minkoff bag for a while, because I almost always just love the lines and the details of them. And this one is one of my favorites. From the size to the colour, the zipper detail and the divided compartments... I just feel like me and this bag would have a passionate love affair that wouldn't be quite so fairweather as most of my handbag relationships. It's just. So. Beautiful. Sigh.

Tribal Print Ankle Sock - - Retail $1.50
So... I went from a designer handbag to cheap socks from Forever21... because this is how I roll. But I do love getting socks for Christmas. They're actually one of my favorite gifts to receive every year and I feel like a lot of people on my list are going to be getting at least one pair from me this year. And these ones are cute, right? Also, they'd look fabulous with the black onesie and the Minkoff bag. Picture it, friends. FASHION FORWARD. Ahem.

TOMS for Target Beanie - Target - Retail $16.00
I love a beanie. I love TOMS. And I love gifts that keep giving. With the purchase of this beanie, TOMS will give a blanket to someone in need. Pretty rad, right? TOMS has branched out from just giving away shoes and I think it's a pretty amazing initiative. Plus, this beanie is actually really cute and I feel like I would pretty much wear it every day. So it's another win/win, right? I love win/win gifts and I feel like other people do too.

TOMS for Target Acrylic Fringe Throw - Target - Retail $30
Let's stick with TOMS for a couple more gifts, huh? How cozy does this blanket look? Can you just imagine spending a cold winter night on the couch wearing a onesie and some ankle socks, drinking DAVIDsTEA poured from a TARDIS tea pot into a porcupine mug while curled up under this blanket? So can I. Bring in the cozy and the giving and receiving!

TOMS for Target Women's Arrow T-Shirt - Target - Retail $16.00
One more thing to round out this little row of TOMS for Target. I don't know about you, but I find this arrow t-shirt to be rather adorable. Also, I felt it in the store yesterday and it was a really soft cotton and I had to remind myself that I can't just go willy nilly shopping for myself when there are so many Christmas gifts to buy. I can has? Pretty please?

So, before I go through another greed shame spiral, I'm going to call this fantasy shopping trip to a close and call it a day on my Christmas Wishlist 2014. 

Look for more holiday themed posts in the coming weeks and have a safe, cozy winter, friends!


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