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With Target exiting Canada soon, after a too brief stint here with, apparently, disasterous results, I know that there are more than a few people in the beauty community who are mourning the loss of certain Target exclusive products in Canada. Sure, most of the products in the Health & Beauty section are available other places, but there are definitely those few brands that are only carried by Target that we'll be unable to get without a trip over the boarder soon. Since liquidation is set to start soon, I figured it would be a good idea to make a post highlighting my favorite Target Exclusive products so that if you want to get them before they're gone or you see them drastically reduced, you can pick them up for yourself.

Keep reading to take a look at my person Target Must Have's!

This brand is definitely one of the ones that us Canadian folks were looking forward to having available in Canada, and I have to say that it really didn't disappoint for me at all. I've tried a bunch of products from the brand, most of which with incredible success. I do have to say that I would have listed the brushes here as well, but the ones I love the most were from the 15th Anniversary Limited Edition set and it isn't available anymore. That said, if you're in the market for some good brushes, I recommend checking them out before they're gone. But onto the products that I really feel you should be grabbing before they're gone from Sonia Kashuk...

1. Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Shimmer Palette
This is pretty much always sold out, in my experience, but if you can grab it before it's gone, it's really worth it. I believe it retails at about $20, but I have to say it makes a pretty good substitute, if not an outright dupe, for a lot of the higher end neutral palettes that will set you back a lot more. The quality is completely on point and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

2. Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Glow Powder
I reviewed this product several months ago and it continues to be one of my most read posts. I really like this powder a lot and tend to keep it in my purse for touching up in the afternoon when my skin can start to look a little off what I'd like it to. I like the included brush, especially for on the go purposes, and I feel like this is a pretty good dupe for higher end glow powders, like NARS and Hourglass.

3. Sonia Kashuk Velvety Matte Lip Crayons
I actually just picked these up in the past couple of weeks and haven't gotten around to posting a review on them yet, but I'm in love. I want to find every colour in the range before they're gone myself. These have a very dry, true matte texture, so if you're looking for something creamier this isn't for you. However, these are surprisingly comfortable for me, they last for absolutely ever, and they have gorgeous pigment, so they're really worth a grab if that's what you're into.

4. Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Matte Palette
The unsparkly sister to the palette I mentioned above, I feel like this is a palette that absolutely anyone could get a lot of use out of. It has a good shade selection, great pigmentation and texture, and really stands up to a lot of higher end matte palettes. Since matte is so heavily trendy right now, grab this while you can. If you can! Again, this one seems to sell out constantly.

Pixi is a brand that I, unfortunately, haven't gotten to try as much as I would have liked. The price point is a little higher than I'd like to spend without knowing I'm going to love something, so I've kep holding back. Might have to pick up a few things I've heard good things about before they're gone. That being said, I have absolutely loved 2 of the products that I have tried and I highly recommend trying them out before they're gone from Canadian stores!

1. Pixi by Petra Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach
This is actually a product that I started using after see Emily from Beauty Broadcast mention it a great many times. For me, covering my dark circles is always a chore and when I saw that there was a fairly affordable option for salmon toned corrector, I was convinced. After trying it, I can definitely say that it does what it's supposed to do. The thing I like about this particular corrector is that I don't find it to really crease on me at all. I tend to have crepey under eyes, so I need something that isn't going to sink in and age me and this doesn't do that at all. I might need a backup before this is gone... although I feel like this little pot is going to last an age.

2. Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm in Honey Nectar
This is another online recommendation. Apparently when these launched, people were going crazy for them. I can't say I'm going to run out and buy the whole line, but I do really like this one. It's significantly more comfortable on the lips than the Maybelline Baby Lips and I find that I really like this particular shade for day to day wear. It gives a kind of mauve-rosiness to the lips that just looks healthy and pretty. These are definitely worth a grab before they're gone.

It seems like all of the beauty Youtubers that I watch have their own little Up&Up brand favorites and I have to say that in the short time Target resided in Canada, I picked up a couple of my own. I'm only going to mention 2 here, because these are the ones that I'm going to straight up stock up on, but I feel like Up&Up is pretty damn good in everything I've tried, as far as store brands go.

1. Up&Up Cleansing Towelettes
The ones pictured here are the Sensitive Skin ones, but I have to admit that's only because I couldn't find a promotional image of my favorite ones. My favorites are the Daily Use Cleansing Cloths and they come in a sort of fuscia and pink packaging. They're said to be comparable to the Biore Daily Recharging Wipes. Don't get me wrong, I actually do really like the Sensitive Skin Up&Up ones, especially if I'm not going to be washing my face after. However, if I'm going to wash my face and I need a quick makeup removal, the Daily Cleansing Cloths have my heart. They feel super soft and silky on the face and have never irritated my skin for a second and I find that they get everything off my face with ease. I will definitely be stocking up.

2. Up&Up Exfoliating Cotton Rounds
I have to admit, I don't use these on my face. I don't prefer to use exfoliating cloths or pads on my skin because I find they tend to irritate my skin. For me, these are all about taking off my nail polish quickly and efficiently. I don't really know what else to say about them other than that they really get the job done of polish removal and at least a couple of packages will be making their way into my stash before they disappear.

Soy Candles
I chose to feature the three that I could find promotional pictures of here, but this entire line of candles are just so good. I'm pretty picky about candles, particularly those that are affordably priced. I find that I'm really sensitive to a lot of the scents and cheaper candles either don't carry enough scent for me or smell kind of... off. These candles don't have either of those issues. With rich, unmistakable scents that fill a room with beautiful fragrance and don't give off a chemical smell, these are really big winners for me. Truth being told, they often beat out Bath & Body Works candles in my opinion, and they are a lot cheaper at $5 for the smaller size and $10 for the large ones.

So there you have it, my list of Target Must Have's to pick up before Target exits the Canadian market and leaves us without easy access to these brands and products. I would be remiss if I didn't also mention how much I love the Gilligan & O'Malley sleepwear, which is soft and cozy and absolutely perfect for lounging around the house, and tell you that I'll probably be grabbing a few more nightshirts from the line before they're gone.

What are your favorite products from Target that you're going to miss once they're gone? US readers, I'm really jealous that this isn't something you have to worry about!

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