MUSIC MONDAY - Scarlett Johansson

by - February 02, 2015

Several weeks ago now, I got home from work to find my boyfriend had come home sick and was on the couch watching the documentary Chasing Ice on Netflix. I sat down and watched the rest with him - It's quite a good documentary and I would recommend it, by the way - and as the credits rolled and this song started playing I knew exactly who was singing, because I absolutely love her voice, and I immediately loaded iTunes on my phone and purchased it. It's beautiful and haunting in a way that I feel perfectly suited the content of the documentary, but it's beautiful outside of that context as well. Once I decided to feature this for Music Monday, I found out that it was an Oscar nominated song as well, so I'm probably the last on this train. What else is new?

I love Scarlett's voice, like I said above. She has that smoky, sultry kind of tone to her voice and a tendency to have a vintage vibe to  her singing, which I've always been drawn to. The combination of her voice and the simplicity of the piano is what really makes this song great to me. Speaking of Scarlett's music, though,  the album she did with Pete Yorn, a concept album of duets from a couple breaking up, is probably my favorite thing she's done. My favorite song from that album is called Clean, but I really recommend listening to the whole thing if this is your kind of music. You can find most of it on Youtube, if you're interested.

As far as beauty, I've always felt like Scarlett is completely on point, which is another reason that I feel like she fits on this blog. She has the same kind of style to her makeup and beauty as she does when she sings - Smoky and a little bit vintage. Gorgeous!

Cold feet, don't fail me now.
So much left to do.
If I should run ten thousand miles home,
Would you be there?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Check back next week for more of my musical favorites, possibly my favorite love songs since it is February and all!

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