ISPY SPOILERS: October 2015

by - October 06, 2015

It's that time again, friends! I was considering not doing these posts anymore, since anyone can look at their glam room and see what they're getting... but then I thought that maybe some people read this because either A) they aren't signed up to Ipsy and want to see everything on offer this month, or B) they don't want to be spoiled about what they're actually getting but they want to see the options. So... I'm going to keep doing them because I know a lot of people are reading these posts, but I'd love to hear in the comments what you think about monthly full spoiler posts!

Moving on... Keep reading for a look at what's in this month's bag!

This was the first spoiler that came out this month and it had me VERY excited. I've been going back and forth on whether to order Mary Lou Manizer, because even though I've swatched it about a million times I've never actually seen how it looks on my skin, and I've also been very curious about the new matte liquid lipsticks that theBalm released, so this was really a win/win. Of course, based on the picture it would appear that the Mary Lou Manizer sample is going to be TINY like the Balm Desert one... but I don't mind it as much with a highlighter. Also, could easily be used as a shadow. So which am I getting? Let's take a look at my bag, shall we?

1. theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick
2. DOSE Color Pill Nail Polish in Stormy
3. Coastal Scents Xpress Line Cosmetics Pencil
4. LAVANILA LABORATORIES Pure Vanilla Deluxe Mini Roller Ball
5. Beauty Without Cruelty Fragrance Free Hand And Body Lotion

Okay, so... Um. I hate this month's bag. I really, really  hate this month's bag. But I loved last month's bag, so I guess I can deal with a bag I hate this month. I'm really excited for 3 of my samples and not so keen about the other 2. Can you guess???  Excited for theBalm, DOSE, and LAVANILA. Want to pretend I didn't get ANOTHER black eyeliner. And have every intention of giving away the lotion because I LOVE FRAGRANCE. But, still pretty happy about the bag, not gonna lie.

Let's take a look at the rest of the products featured this month, shall we?

Mica Beauty ipsy EXCLUSIVE Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze
AURORA Gel Effect Nail Polish in Inky Dinky
Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum
theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer
Touch in Sol Mini Browza Super Proof Gel Brow Pencil
pur~lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF30
Vasanti Cosmetics Brighten Up Exfoliating Cleanser
Dr. Brandt Skincare Microdermabrasion
AYRES ipsy EXCLUSIVE Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream
Aromachology Exotic & Spicy Eau De Parfum
Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes Eyeliner
Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Moisture Mask
Crown Brush Oval Concealer Brush (C224)
Hey Honey Come Clean: Propolis & Minerals Facial Scrub
IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Clinically Proven 5-in-1 Mascara
Laura Geller Beauty Baked Blush-n-Brighten in Tropic Hues
Delectable coconut & cream ultra nourishing hand cream
KBShimmer My Life's A Porpoise Nail Polish
Royal & Langnickel Model Standard Eyeshadow Shader Brush
Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask
IT HAIR CARE 12-IN-ONE Amazing Leave-In Treatment
Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub
Girlactik Beauty Precise Marker Liner
LeeAnni Eco Go Away Gloomy Day Serum
tarte deluxe LipSurgence skintuitive lip gloss in energy
Balanced Guru Scrub Me Body Scrub

So... Do I wanna do a dream bag? Why yes, yes I do!

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could have the option to build our own bags from the products that they have for each month? I would imagine that a lot of things would sell out really quickly... but it would be an interesting experiment!

Anyway, that's it for this month's Ipsy spoilers! Keep an eye out later today for a look at what I'll be getting in my October Birchbox... I have no choice but to share because I am SO EXCITED about it!

Thanks for reading!

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