EMPTIES: November 2015

by - November 30, 2015

So, November hasn't been a month of particularly using a lot of stuff up. I admit, before we even get to the post itself, that this month of empties is a little boring. That said, I've got some really great products that I've used up and that I'd really put my recommendation stamp on, so I figured I should still do the post. I mean, I could have waited and put them all in next month's post, but that means keeping my trash around a little longer and who wants that? Have I done a sufficient job of turning you off this post yet? Ugh! Anyway, if you wanna see some great products that I used up...

Keep reading to take a closer look and read (very) mini reviews!

1. Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo (Review)
As usual, this shampoo lasted a lot longer than it's counterpart conditioner because I am a mad conditioner glutton, but I actually enjoyed the shampoo even more than the conditioner. I felt like it got my hair clean without stripping and didn't leave any residue. I will DEFINITELY be picking this up in the future... once I get through all of the Live Clean products I already have ready to go!

2. Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant
I never put deodorant in my empties posts because something about that feels kinda weird... but I liked this one so much and was so keen to head out and pick it up again that I figured I'd throw it in. I think the thing that I loved most about this is the lasting power. I can go a full 24 hours and stay completely fresh with this - which is pretty great. 

3. JOE Fresh Premium Cotton Pads
I'm on my last box of these now and I'm kinda bummed that they don't have these specific ones anymore, because I'm kinda in love with them. It's been a while since I haven't been tempted to head out and get Shiseido Facial Cotton, but I like these enough that I've been skipping my holy grail. 

4. NIVEA Smooth Replenishing Hand Cream
This is my favorite hand cream, hands down. Har har. I go through these like it's going out of style in the wintertime and I keep them pretty much everywhere with me. It sinks in quickly but makes my hands feel hydrated and really smooth even in my very dry house. 

5. Balance Me Congested Skin Serum
I LOVED THIS. Seriously, I am really bummed that this has run out because I loved it for just patting onto my problem areas where I struggle with clogged pores. I found that it did a really good job of helping that particular pain in my ass. I think I'm going to have to repurchase.

6. GLAMGLOW YOUTHCLEANSE Daily Exfoliating Cleanser
I mentioned this in a favorites post and I continued to love it until it ran out. I find that this mud to foam formula really cleaned and exfoliated my skin without any stripping or tightness after. I'm not sure that I would shell out for the full size of this, but I have a feeling I'll definitely be grabbing a travel size from Sephora.

7. MARCELLE 3 in 1 Micellar Solution
I liked this cleansing water quite a lot for touch ups. Generally the way that I use micellar water is to touch up my makeup as I go, if I happen to smudge or make a mess on my face. I think this did a good job, but I don't think I love it quite as much as my Bioderma. That said, I have a feeling I'll end up grabbing this again in the future - and I absolutely need to try the MARCELLE Eye Makeup Remover.

8. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
I love this mask and I didn't even realize I still had this one from Black Friday last year still hanging around. It had one use left in it so I decided to use it up. I don't like this mask all over my face, so I tend to use it for multimasking and just smooth this over my problem areas where I get clogged pores and breakouts and it does a smashing job of dealing with them. I will always repurchase this, I think.

9. Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder (Review)
This, as it states in the post I linked above, is a forever favorite of mine and I literally always have this on hand because I love it so much. This is my favorite for when I really need to stay matte for an extended period and I want really smooth, flawless looking skin. And it's SO affordable. The packaging sucks, so you can't take it on the go with you, but it's still worth it for the product inside. Forever repurchase.

I have a lot less masks than usual this month... Probably because I've been doing more wash off masks. But I digress.

10. NAISTURE Ginseng Mask Pack
I'm still working on using up the 5 pack of these I bought. They're REALLY wet and I don't really see much improvement in my skin after I use them, so I won't repurchase.

11. NAISTURE White C Mask Pack
This is a pretty nice mask. Doesn't make a huge difference in anything for me other than hydration, but I do like using these masks and I'll take a little bump in hydration. Might repurchase.

12. E.G.T. Essence Gel Eyefill Patch
I really like using these types of eye patches when I don't get enough sleep and my undereyes are looking puffy in the morning. I'm basically hoarding these for those types of mornings, because they don't make a huge difference otherwise, but they really help to brighten me up when I haven't gotten enough sleep. I don't know if I'd repurchase - maybe if they were a good deal!

13. Global Beauty Care Retinol Spa Essence Mask
I actually LOVE these masks and I'm thinking about hoarding them because they have them for like $1 each at a local store here. I do feel like these make a difference on my skin and I just see an overall improvement in the appearance of my face after I use them. They're silly cheap, so if you see them pick them up. So many repurchases.

14. LIFE Brand Pore Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! I've repurchased these so many times because I absolutely love them when my skin is having one of those days when it looks like shit. I feel like this helps to clean my pores and also tightens them and diminishes their appearance. I swear by this mask and I want to stock pile. This is another with so many repurchases.

So... Not the most exciting month of empties, I know, but I've been trying a lot of new stuff this past month so I haven't been using up what's already in my collection as quickly. Look for reviews to come of some of the new goodies I've gotten!

Thanks for reading!

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