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There are some brands that I've been dying to try but just haven't gotten around to yet for whatever reason, whether it be local availability, cost or just that I haven't had the chance yet, and for a long time NUDESTIX was one of those brands. Recently, I was able to cash in some of my credit card points (which had been sitting around untouched for ages) for a kit with a good selection of different products from the brand. I decided to review them all in one big round up and let you know my thoughts on each product individually, as well as my overall feelings about the brand.

Keep reading to take a look at the products and find out what I thought of them!

NUDESTIX Lash Lengthening Mascara 
A lash-lengthening, treatment mascara that stays non-clumping and non-flaking throughout the day, leaving lashes with a soft, flexible coat. 

This is a fairly standard looking mascara with a traditional bristle wand in a matte black tube. Like all of the other products, it comes housed in a little tin - such a great idea! I have to tell you guys that this just isn't my favorite. It's very black, which is a big plus, but I feel like it doesn't build the length and volume that I personally want in a mascara. This gives more of a natural look on my lashes and is more the kind of mascara I'd reach for if I was going for a no makeup look. Another issue that I had was the staying power, because I feel like this did smudge and flake a little bit on me, which is a problem since I tend to have watery eyes.

Overall, I'd say this would be a good mascara for people who like a natural look or already have really full lashes and don't have runny eyes. This just wasn't a hit for me personally.

NUDESTIX Moisture Pencil
A non-greasy pencil that’s perfect for all skin types and provides instant relief of dry, flaky, and irritated skin—just draw and smudge it on. 

Again, this comes housed in an individual tin and also contains a sharpener. At first, I really didn't know what to do with this, so I tried it a few different ways. I'm told that this makes a great cuticle moisturizer, but because I wanted to try it as a cosmetic product I decided not to use it that way yet - and then I found something that I absolutely love it for. The first thing I tried was using it to smooth out any dryness under my eyes later in the day when my skin has a tendency to get crepey, and it worked quite well in that way. I also used it on dry spots on my skin, and again it worked quite nicely. However...

My absolute favorite way to use this Moisture Pencil is as a lip primer when I'm using a matte liquid lipstick. I feel like it gives me a good hit of moisture without leaving behind the slip that you get with a traditional lip balm. I feel like this does a really good job of keeping the lips hydrated without disrupting the lip product. I feel a little bit like I discovered a gem with this one and will definitely keep reaching for it for that purpose. However, overall, I feel like just about everyone could find a use for this pencil.

NUDESTIX Lip + Cheek Pencil in Whisper
A long-lasting, multitasking pencil that delivers natural-looking coverage and ultra-creamy, soft color and liner for cheeks and lips. 

If you checked out my Sephora Give Me Some Nude Lip Set First Impression, you'll know that I actually already have this pencil and really like it. I decided to keep the first one for use on my lips and try this one on the cheeks. The shade is very, very nude on the lips and I find it needs a slightly deeper lip liner paired with it to be really wearable for me, so I was a little bit worried that it would be too light for the cheeks. NOPE! It's perfect for a really soft, natural looking flush to my cheeks without adding too much rosiness. It maintains that mauve type tone that I prefer on my fair skin.

I can't recommend this product enough and am definitely intending on trying out more shades. I think it's a great texture for both lips and cheeks. It's long wearing and comfortable on the lips, and blends seamlessly for a really natural look on the cheeks. It's not a product that has too much slip to it so I feel like it really does work perfectly in both applications - something for me that is rare.

The last tin that I got actually contained two products: Sheer Eye Color in Smoke & Magnetic Eye Color in Lilith. And, of course, a sharpener. I love that each of the products comes with the sharpener, because these can definitely be an awkward size and some people could be annoyed to have to sharpen them if the tool wasn't included.

NUDESTIX Sheer Eye Color in Smoke
A no-makeup, sheer cream-to-powder eye shadow, eyeliner, and highlighting pencil for all-in-one satin eye color. 

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this and, I have to be honest, I'm still not quite sure. I like the formula. It applies in a smooth, even coat and blends really easily. I find that it's not the easiest to build, but you can go over it to create a little bit more depth. For me, I'm not really sure about the shade because I'm not sure it actually looks good on me. I also had a little bit of trouble with creasing with this product, but it's better when I use a primer and set it with a powder shadow. Unfortunately, for me, that takes away from the ease of the product and makes it a little less appealing to me. This might be a great product for someone with dry lids who really likes a wash of colour.

NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color in Lilith
A long-wearing, waterproof, neutral eye shadow pencil that delivers and spotlights the face’s high points, including the cheekbones, tear ducts, and the brow arches.  

Being that I've been loving an easy eye look with a bright inner lid and a much deeper outer V lately, I was really excited to try this and I wasn't disappointed. This is a really traditional slightly golden champagne shade that I think will be universally flattering. It has a smooth, creamy texture and applies with really good opacity and then sets to a solid finish. I do find that this has better staying power with a primer, but it doesn't need to be set with powder to last all day. This is definitely one of my favorites of the bunch as well.

Left to Right: Whisper, Smoke, Lilith

Overall, I have to say that I'm really impressed with the selection of NUDESTIX products that I've tried out and I'm looking forward to trying more in the near future. I think this brand brings something different to the table, with all of their products being in stick form and intended to give natural looking makeup looks, and I think they bring it in a very high quality way. My picks for the products to definitely try would be the Lip + Cheek Pencil, the Magnetic Eye Color, and the Moisture Stick - in that order!

Thanks for reading!

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