DOLLARSTORE FIND: Microfibre Makeup Cloths

by - March 16, 2016

At night when I take my makeup off using cleansing oil, I absolutely always remove it with a couple of passes of a warm washcloth. I know a lot of people are into the whole emulsifying thing, but I don't like the feeling of it and since I do a double cleanse I've always felt like this way works best for me. So when I saw these cloths at Dollarama a few weeks ago, I thought they seemed like a good addition to my always necessary stock pile of wash cloths. But then it occurred to me that perhaps these were intended to be used without product, like certain higher end makeup removing cloths are, and that was a bit of a game changer.

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As you can see, these cloths come in a 3 pack and I believe they were $1.25/pk. They're a really simple design, just microfiber cloth with stitching around the outside. There are two things I like about these cloths specifically for use on my face. The first is that they're really soft, as microfiber tends to be. They don't feel scratchy or abrasive, but have enough texture to them that they do a really good job of pulling things off the face. The second is that I can hand wash them with a little bit of liquid soap and every bit of makeup comes out of them no problem, and because they're white I can be certain of that.

When it comes to using these to remove cleansing oil, they do a really good job. I personally like to do at least 2 passes with the cloth when to make sure I get all of the oil off my skin, but also to let the heat help to open my pores and draw gunk out of them. During this application, these work similar to any other cloth, but with the added benefit of coming clean really easily afterwards.

When using this with just warm water to remove makeup, I have to say that this is really impressive. I tend to take my eye makeup off with a bi-phase eye makeup remover before using this, not because it won't work but because I have an overwhelming fear of pulling out my eyelashes so I don't like to rub too much at that area. Basically the way I use this is I wet it with warm water, press it over my face for 10-20 seconds and then just kind of rub my makeup away. I honestly couldn't believe how well it removed my makeup the first time I used it. Using this method, I do find that my skin can feel a little bit tight afterwards, so I'm always sure to follow with either my nighttime skin care routine or just a light moisturizer if it isn't bedtime.

I think that for $1.25 for a 3-pack, you really can't go wrong with these. They're amazing for at home in the bathroom, but I think where they'll serve the best purpose is in a gym bag. How nice would it be to be able to take off your makeup before a workout without having to drag around a bunch of products? If you have Dollarama near you, I definitely recommend picking up a pack of these. I have to admit... I went back and bought three more!

Have you had any great dollar store finds lately? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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