HAUL: $1 ShopMissA.com Beauty Haul

by - September 09, 2016

So, I've been thinking about making an order on Shop Miss A for a while now, but I finally actually bit the bullet and did it a couple of weeks ago and I've got my little haul to show you guys. In case you didn't know, Shop Miss A is basically an online dollar store that sells makeup, accessories, and other little odds and ends. I kid you not, everything on this site is $1US - which means each of these items cost me $1.28CAD. Something that I didn't know until very recently was that they also guarantee that everything on their site is cruelty free, which I think is actually incredibly impressive given the price point.

So if you're interested in taking a look at what I grabbed along with my first impressions of everything I got, keep reading!

I accidentally photographed them backwards in terms of their numbers, so left to right is F5-F1. Whoops!

AOA Studio Face Brushes
These brushes are actually what actually inspired this haul, for two reasons. 1. I absolutely had to know what kind of quality a $1 face brush was going to be. 2. I really wanted another pointed kabuki because I use mine so often, and getting other buffing brushes for the face is never a bad thing so that I can have them in rotation without having to wash them as often. Because. Lazy. Anyway, I'm actually really impressed with these brushes. They're incredibly soft and just the right density that I prefer, which isn't too dense but isn't too flimsy. They look almost identical to the Jessup Brushes that I got on eBay, but they aren't exact dupes and I suspect I'm actually going to like these better. I might do a comparison post sometime in the future, because I do think that even though they look so similar there are some pretty significant differences.

Overall, I really think that for someone on a budget, these are actually a great buy! And at $1, clearly they're worth a try!

I can't remember whose review of these blushes I saw, but I know it was someone whose opinion I trust and ever since then I've wanted to get my hands on them. I picked a nude shade and a pink shade because I figured that would give me a good gauge. The pigmentation on these blushes is through the roof and I can't stress enough that if you're going to use them you're going to want to use a light hand. I actually used Rosewood in my makeup look this morning and I tapped the brush onto the back of my hand before applying it to my face because just tapping off the excess wasn't going to be enough. All of that being said... I've already got two more of these in different shades in my Shop Miss A cart for my next order... So yeah, I like them.

Beauty Treats Lip Scrub in Vanilla Bean & Almond Crème
Admittedly, these Lip Scrubs sucked me in with the promise of Vanilla Bean and Almond Crème. If you've read this blog for a while, you know that almond scented products are basically my kryptonite. The scents on these are really soft, which actually kind of makes me feel good because it doesn't have a strong, synthetic smell. The texture is very creamy at first and the scrubby bits aren't too big or scratchy, and it sort of melts into more of an oil texture as you work it into your lips. Unlike some lip scrubs, this one doesn't have a yummy sweet taste, but it's not a bad taste either. I'm still kind of on the fence about how I feel about these having only used one once, but I'm going to keep trying to see how it goes.

KLEANCOLOR Madly Matte Liquid Lipstick in Clay & Majesty
Is anyone surprised that I absolutely had to try out a matte liquid lipstick? I'd seen these Kleancolor ones all over social media and they had shades in the mauves collection in stock, so I went for it and grabbed two. The lighter shade, Clay, is WAY too light for me and pulls a kind of weird white/pink/beige shade that is just not even a little bit attractive, so it's a HUGE no for me. Majesty, however, is kind of gorgeous. It's what I would classify as a lilac shade, a paleish purple with just enough pink to make it wearable. The formula on these is very sticky, unfortunately, but I did try powdering it down and it made it a little less sticky and a lot more comfortable. Going to try these a few more times before I make a verdict, but so far I like them better than any other $1 liquid lipstick I've tried in the past.

KARA Eyelashes in #415 & #747M
I decided to grab a couple of pairs of Kara lashes because I'd heard really good things about them. Unfortunately, the styles I wanted weren't in stock when I made my order, but I did grab a couple that I thought would work for me and I'm actually really impressed. Obviously I haven't tried them out on my eyes yet, but already I like the flare of then, I feel like they're pretty consistent as far as the lash placement, and they're very, very soft. I'm actually looking forward to trying these out - and I already have a few more pairs of Kara lashes in my cart on the site as we speak.

AOA Canvas Pouch
I just couldn't seem to resist putting this little makeup bag in my cart. I mean, "Confidence Level: Selfie With No Filter" is kind of a genius little slogan as far as I'm concerned and I liked that this little bag was a little bigger than most of the ones I have in my collection. It's definitely a cheaper quality than the Breakups To Makeups bag that it seems to be mimicking somewhat, but it's still a cute bag, feels like it will be fairly sturdy, and will get the job done. Also, I mean... The slogan. It's all about the slogan.

Overall, I have to say that I'm pretty happy with my purchases. I really wasn't sure what to expect, being that everything is so inexpensive and all, but I definitely did watch some hauls from the site on Youtube before I decided what I was going to get and I think it helped me to pick good things. And I mean, really, there's only one for sure dud in the whole haul... which is pretty damn impressive, if you ask me.

I plan on doing another order from the site again soon, just because this was more of a test order and now I want to grab a few more things that really interest me, so I'll probably be doing another ShopMissA haul soon.

Thanks for reading!

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