FRAGRANCE: Fool Proof Blending with Demeter - TAKE 2!

by - September 12, 2016

*Product was provided for PR Purposes.

You may remember back in January, I did my first post about the Demeter Fragrance Library's Foolproof Blending Kits and all of the cool combinations that you can make with them. I loved it and I still reach for some of those combinations to this day, blending together different scents to customize my fragrance and suit my mood. I've gotten the opportunity again to work with Demeter and bring you another adventure in Demeter Foolproof Blending*!

Keep reading to take a look at the three scents that I mixed, my experience, and the recipe for my perfect fresh summer scent - complete with a little bit of bottle bedazzling!

Demeter Salt Air*
This is my all time favorite scent from Demeter. To me, it smells like the beach, but not in that sunscreen way that elicits beach feels. This is a light, fresh scent that reminds me of nice soft breeze during a summer sunset at the beach. It's absolutely lovely!

Demeter Gin & Tonic*
This is a really fresh scent with a citrus hit that isn't too strong and definitely isn't overwhelming. I think I would love the smell of this by itself on a guy and also as a room spray when I want a little something fresh and bright.

Demeter Wet Garden*
This scent reminds me of spring and summer mornings out at the cabin when I was growing up. There's definitely a floral to it, but it's mixed with a light freshness that reminds me of when everything is dewy and all of those nature scents are just starting to bloom for the day.

Along with the three fragrances that I was sent, I also got the Foolproof Blending Tool Kit*, which included:
1 Empty Demeter Fragrance Library Bottle,
5 Droppers,
1 Teeeeeeeny tiny little funnel, 
and several fragrance tester strips.
This is literally everything you need to cook up a bottle of your perfect fragrance - but I did bring in ¼ tsp & 1tsp measuring spoons to help the process along once I'd come up with my ratios to get the fragrance just the way I wanted it. Last time I blended, I mostly tested with the number of sprays of each perfume, but this time I went by the number of droppers until I got it just right.

Doing fragrance science at the kitchen table!

So how did I do it? Basically, I knew that I wanted mostly Salt Air* and Gin & Tonic* to be the dominant scents in the finished fragrance, so I started with 6 droppers full of each. Next, I added 3 droppers full of Wet Garden*, but ultimately found that it pulled the scent a little more strongly floral than I was looking for, so I added 3 more droppers of each Salt Air* and Gin & Tonic*. That easily, I got exactly the scent that I was looking for and I was able to fill the rest of the bottle using measuring spoons and the included funnel to get the bottle most of the way full. 

Cocktails & Dreams Custom Scent Recipe
  • 3 Parts Salt Air (with maybe 1 extra little dash because I love it)
  • 3 Parts Gin & Tonic
  • 1 Part Wet Garden

What I ended up with is a really fresh scent that reminds me of the place in my head that I imagine when I'm meditating myself to sleep - my happy place if you will. You have the soft, brushing scent of the beach paired with the brightness of a cold cocktail and a just a hint of dewy morning flowers! Perfect!

Bonus points for you if you know where the Cocktails & Dreams reference is from!

Demeter was kind enough to send me along some stickers and jewels to decorate my custom bottle, so - after a lot of hemming and hawing over how I wanted to decorate it - I kept it simple with a cute pair of lips on the side of the cap and a green jewel on the top to go with the playful, summery scent that I feel like I created!

Honestly, guys, I love these blending kits from Demeter and I have so much fun blending the scents together to make a customized scent just for me! You can use Demeter fragrances both as a body fragrance or a room spray. I actually have a couple in my collection that I love to use as a pillow spray to help send me off to sleep. 

Demeter Fragrances and Blending Kits are available at and there are so many great kits and combinations to choose from!

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