REVIEW: NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette

by - September 08, 2017

Now that September has hit and the nights are distinctly getting cooler, I've felt my fall makeup trigger happen. For me, that definitely leads into more burnt tones, smokier eyes, and bolder lips in comparison to my fresher, bronzier summer makeup. It also means that I'm much more likely to reach for matte products, since I love to kind of leave the glow behind for the moment and embrace the sort of warm, velvety look of matte products. Recently, I finally saw the NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette at my local London Drugs and it seemed like the perfect time to try it out, so I just had to buy it. 

For my review, swatches, and a couple of eye looks keep reading!

Adorn your eyes in velvety color with our irresistible Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette—a new eyeshadow set inspired by our creamy-matte LIP LINGERIE LIQUID LIPSTICKS. Featuring six creamy matte neutrals, this gorgeous set packs a wide range of tones and depth into one small palette. Each velvety-matte shade blends like a dream and delivers incredible color payoff.

When it comes to the curation of this palette, I'm really impressed. I think it can be hard to get a good selection of shades to create multiple looks with only 6 pans, but the shades were well chosen in this so that you can easily put together complete looks without having to reach for another palette. The only thing that I personally would have changed would be to make the deep, reddish brown in the bottom right corner a little bit more red or plum to differentiate it a little bit more from the more neutral dark brown on the left side of the palette.

The cream shade in the top left is quite neutral in tone, not skewing too warm or cool, and makes for a nice, bright highlight both on the lid and on the brow bone. The lavender shade in the middle of the top row is quite cool toned and works quite nicely both in the crease and on the lid. The burnt orange shade on the top right is gorgeous and very much on trend at the moment and also works well as a crease or lid shade.

The neutral deep brown on the bottom left is a real workhorse shade, in my opinion, and can be used to deepen out both cool and warm toned looks. The peachy cream shade in the middle of the bottom row makes a phenomenal transition shade on my skintone and I think it would make a good highlight shade for deeper skin tones. Finally, the warm toned deep brown on the bottom right works very similarily to the neutral one on the left, but has a much redder undertone making it better for warmer toned looks. 

While the formula isn't quite as creamy and soft as some other shadows on the market right now, I do think that they have a good softness and blendability to the formula. They also pick up easily on a brush and cling really well to the skin, which is really important to me. I haven't experienced any significant fall out when using them either. What really impresses me is the pigmentation, which I think is really on point for a drugstore palette. In the past, NYX shadows have been a little bit hit and miss for me, but these ones definitely perform well and have a consistent formula.

I wanted to create two complete looks using this palette with distinct differences in tone and I think I managed to do that. For the top look I used the cream shade as a highlight, the peachy cream shade as a transition, the burnt orange all over the lid and up into the crease, and the deep warm toned brown shade in the outer V and crease. For the bottom look, I used the cream shade as a highlight, the peachy cream shade as a transition, the lavender all over the lid and up into the crease, and the deep, neutral brown shade in the outer V and the crease.

While both of these looks are exactly the same as far as style, I think they really do create two very different looks on the eyes but are both very wearable. For me, this is a palette that I'm going to reach for to do day to day makeup looks, not something I'm going to try to get fancy with, and I think it works very well in that way. 

Honestly, I'm really, really impressed with this palette. I feel like it's a great value at $10 and performs consistently very well. The shade selection is very much on trend and gives a surprising amount of versatility for having only six pans. I also think that for someone who has been looking for a more affordable alternative to the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette, this could be a really good option. I wouldn't call these shades dupes necessarily, but I think it has very much the same feel and you could create very similar looks using it. 

Overall, this palette is a win and one I would recommend picking up. The NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette is available at and I picked up mine at London Drugs, which also stocks it on their website.

Thanks for reading!

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