REVIEW: Wet N Wild 10 Pan Not A Basic Peach Palette

by - February 15, 2018

If there's been one new release so far in 2018 that I've been legitimately excited about, it has absolutely been the new eyeshadow releases from Wet N Wild. For a long time, Wet N Wild straight up had the best eyeshadows in the drugstore with their ColorIcon formula, but it's a been a really, really long time since the permanent line has been touched and it was about time for a makeover - so they went for it hard. With new palettes added to the line and the addition of matte transition shades added to old favorite palettes, Wet N Wild went hard with this new release and I really wanted to give it its due, so I'm going to feature all the of the palettes that I pick up in their own individual posts.

The first palette I wanted to review was the brand spankin' Wet N Wild 10-Pan Not A Basic Peach Palette. Keep reading for more!

For me, Not A Basic Peach is basically bang on trend. Palettes full of warm shades have been non-stop for the past couple of years, but I feel like Wet N Wild is the first brand in the drugstore to really go there with options in this category.

As you can see, there is one pop of blue in this palette, but if you put cover it up this is a fiery warm toned palette. I actually really love that they added that pop of blue, because I feel like that gives this palette a really summery feel. I don't know about you, but I love looks in the summer that are really warm on the lid and then have a pop of a really bold aqua blue on the lower lash line, so I think that's this palette is going to end up being a bit of a summer staple for me.

First I wanted to talk about the transition shades, because I think we've all been saying for quite a while that those are what the Wet N Wild Color Icon palettes have been missing. For me, the transitions in this palette are incredibly well chosen. The lighter shade, which is kind of a taupey beige, works really well on my skin tone to give that really subtle, smooth blend between what's happening on my lid and my browbone highlight. I personally really need that because I have so much space between my crease and my brows. Next, the deeper transition shade is a sort of burnt terracotta shade that I think will work really well for deeper skin tones as a transition and works on my skin tone to add depth to the crease. I really love that in this palette they made the two transition shades so different, because I think it really adds versatility to the shade selection.

Now let's talk about the top row of smaller pans. First, we have that pop of blue, which has a bit of a golden shift giving a kind of greenish shift. I was actually expecting this shade to be more impactful than it is, but it has a smooth formula and I think you could build it up for a little more boldness or just apply it lightly for a wash. Next is a peach shade in a matte base with some scattered shimmers in it, by far one of my least favorite types of finishes. I do absolutely love the base shade in this though and I know that I'll reach for it a lot to blend things out. It's smooth and nicely pigmented. Next is the absolutely stunning terracotta orange shade that I'm a little bit obsessed with. It's insanely pigmented with a really soft, creamy texture and it applies like a dream. Finally, we have a cream shade with a satin finish. This one is really lovely with a soft, creamy texture and a smooth finish, though it's a little bit sheer. Still, I think this is a perfect brow bone shade because it brings some light without being shimmery.

And now for the bottom row, which is 75% absolutely awesome. First, we have this deep, chocolate brown which is insanely pigmented, but creamy and smooth so that it blends out really beautifully. I think this palette definitely needed this shade to give some grounding to the bolder shades. Next is my least favorite shade in this palette. Another of those matte base with shimmer shades, the plum shade has a soft texture, but the pigmentation is lacking and it ends up looking a little bit patchy when applied dry. I have applied this wet packed on the lid and it looked quite a bit better, but it just wasn't as impactful as I was hoping. By far my personal favorite shade in this palette is the shimmer packed peachy gold duchrome. It's got a really smooth texture and applies dreamily, especially when you wet your brush, and brings a ton of shine and boldness to a look. Finally, the true gold shade is another amazing formula. It's smooth and creamy in texture, though not quite as thick as some of the other shimmer shades, and brings a ton of brightness and impact on the lid.

This is the way they are numbered on the back of the packaging... and it makes me itchy.

For me, I feel like formulawise it's really the matte shades in this palette that shine for me. They have a gorgeous texture, really smooth and buttery, and they blend really seamlessly together without becoming muddy on the eyes. I feel like the drugstore has been stepping up their matte shadows game, but for me I think these have to be my favorite matte shadows I've found in the drugstore. Conversely, I feel like Wet N Wild may not be doing shimmer shades quite a well as they used to. Personally, I find that when I'm packing these shimmer shades onto the lid, they really don't have the shine and impact that I'm looking for unless they're applied wet. That said, one little spritz of my PÜR Miracle Mist on a flat brush and these shadows get really impactful and apply beautifully with a lot of shine.

For this look, I started with an eye primer and then went in with shade 1, the lighter transition shade, on a fluffy brush through and slightly above my crease. Next I went in with transition shade 10 on a slightly smaller fluffy brush a little bit more targeted through the crease to add some depth. Next I applied shade 7 wet on a flat brush through the middle of my lid and then flipped the brush over to apply shade 6 wet to the inner part of my lid and blended them together. Finally, I added depth to the outer v using shade 9 on a blending brush. Using what was left of shade 9 on my brush, I lightly added some definitition to the lower lash line.

Overall, this shade is a HUGE winner for me. I don't think it's perfect, but I do think it's really, really good and that I'll be able to get a lot of versatile looks out of this palette, especially come summer. I think that Wet N Wild's matte eyeshadow formula in these palettes is an absolute killer and rivals (and even surpasses) some of the high end matte shadows I have in my collection. There were a couple of dud shades in this palette, but the rest have really, really impressed me and I think the shade selection is phenomenal.

I know a lot of people here in Canada are stalking store shelves, like I did, looking for these palettes. I found mine at my local Superstore ( actually, two different Superstore locations because I am a fiend ) and I have a feeling they're going to be popping up everywhere in the next week or two so keep an eye out!

Thanks for reading!

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