REVIEW: Wet N Wild Limited Edition Fit For A Queen Quad

by - October 05, 2018

As a Canadian makeup lover - particularly someone who really loves affordable makeup - it's really frustrating when we don't get the amazing limited edition collections that drugstore brands like Wet N Wild tend to release. Maybe it's just my local stores, but I rarely see these products out on the shelves and ordering online can be a little bit cost prohibitive. So, clearly, I was THRILLED when I popped into my local Rexall and saw that they had a selection of products from the Wet N Wild Fire & Ice Collection. I managed to get my hands on the gorgeous Fit For A Queen eyeshadow quad and I'm super excited to show it to you guys.

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Configured the same way that the quads in their regular collection are, Fit For A Queen contains 2 matte shades and two shimmer shades. Each shade is labelled for where it's intended to be used in your eye look, though we all know that is subjective and if you want to be creative you can definitely play with how you're going to use this quad and get a little bit more versatility out of it than the one look. That said, I absolutely love the look that you get when you use this the way it's dictated. 

Obviously the curation of this palette is what made me basically jump for joy when I saw it on the shelf. This really fiery shade selection is both perfect for fall and also really on trend at the moment. I think some of us might be a little bit fatigued when it comes to these sorts of shades, but I have to say that I think this palette does something a little bit different with the shade selection than a lot of what I personally have in my collection in this shade family. It's also really well thought out as far as actually putting together a look. One thing that I think Wet N Wild does well with these quads is to make them really beginning friendly. Even someone who doesn't have a ton of experience in makeup can sit down and create a really pulled together look literally just by following the instructions.

For me, what makes this palette a little bit different is the shimmer shades. For the Browbone, we have this pale gold with a slightly rosy shift that really is unlike anything else I currently own. I don't generally use a shimmery shade on the brow bone personally, but have found that this makes a really pretty inner corner highlight. It's not overly pigmented, which I personally prefer for highlight shades, and it's a little bit less foiled than the gold in the palette but still packs a really nice, reflective sheen. Next, for the Eyelid, this gold is an absolute stunner. Used dry (see swatches) it maintains a lot of shine and really gives a reflective look on the eye, but I definitely prefer to use it wet to get a really bright, foiled look. There are a lot of different golds in the eyeshadow game, but this gold definitely stands apart. Compared to something like Primavera from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, this is much richer and has more depth, but doesn't skew into copper or bronze. I'm, admittedly, a little bit obsessed with it. 

I feel like the mattes in this palette are maybe a little bit less exciting, but both have a really lovely texture that applies and blends really well and both pack a ton of pigment. The Transition shade is a really standard sort of cocoa powder brown shade that doesn't lean too warm for me and actually helps to really ground looks using this palette. Like I said, it applies and blends really well and can pack a lot of punch even with quite a fluffy brush. As for the sort of rusty brown Crease shade, I feel like I feel almost two ways about it. I love the shade and the pigmentation, but it's not quite as red as I was hoping and I did struggle a little bit with the texture. You can see in the look below that it doesn't have the smoothest application and can get a little bit patchy if you overblend. In the crease, I found the blend really nice, but on the outer corner there was definitely some patchiness (which isn't helped  by the fact that I already have trouble getting shadow to stick to that area on my eyes.)

Like I said above, the textures of these shadows are mostly really good. I wouldn't say that the formula is up there with my absolutely favorites, but I do think that they're really nice and they blend quite well on the eye without having to work too hard with them. The mattes aren't the creamiest, but they do have good pigmentation and the Transition shade blends like a dream. I think I might have better luck with the Crease shade if I set my primer and am careful not to overblend it. The shimmers are, again, not necessarily the smoothest but they do apply really well and with a lot of pigmentation. When it comes to the formula in this quad, I don't quite put it up there with some other Wet N Wild palettes that I love, but I do think that it's really good and I know that I'll keep reaching for it. 

For this look, I basically used this quad as directly, with one slight addition. I started with my Milani eyeshadow primer and then set from the crease to the brow bone using a matte vanilla shade. Personally, I prefer a matte browbone so I did go in with one for this look. From there on, I use the palette as intended. I started with the Transition shade through my crease and about halfway to my browbone (I have weird eyes with a lot of area above my crease, so I alter the way I apply makeup accordingly.) Next, I went in with the Crease shade, blending it through the crease and packing it on a little more heavily on the outer half of the lid. Next, I used the Eyelid shade wet to really pack a lot of colour onto the lid. (Just a little note, there is a little bit of a bald patch in my shadow, but that's not the fault of the shadow itself - I had some smudging from my mascara and had to remove it with a Q-Tip and ended up smudging away a little bit of the shadow.) For my lower lash line, I started with the Transition shade across the enter length and then went in with the Crease shade for the outer third and dragged it up in a sort of slight wing. I finished with the Browbone shade lightly packed into my inner corner. 

Overall, I think this is a solid palette and I'm really glad I bought it. It's not perfect and there are definitely some things that I personally would have done differently if I had been putting this palette together and there are a couple of places where I think the formula could improve a little bit, but overall I really do think it's good. 

The Wet N Wild Fire & Ice Collection is available on the Wet N Wild website both as a complete box featuring 2 quads, 2 bronzers, 2 highlighter, 4 metallic liquid lipsticks, and 4 loose pigment eyeshadows and all of the items are also available for sale individually. 

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