REVIEW: Mériance Collagene Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit

by - December 13, 2018

Hey guys! I'm super excited about today's review and I've really been looking forward to sharing these products with you ever since basically the first time I tried them. I've turned into such a skin care geek over the course of running this blog and I'm always super excited to get a chance to try out new skin care ranges and see what I think of them. I got the opportunity to try out the Mériance Collagene Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit* a couple of months ago and I've really been giving it a solid try and getting a good handle on the products. Mériance is a Canadian brand out of Quebec with a strong focus on using high quality, science backed ingredients.

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I have to say, while putting together this review I really looked into the key ingredients in these formulas and I've found that across the board I've really been impressed with what I've found. There are a lot of ingredients in these formulas that I was previously unaware of and I've really loved doing the research into them. That's definitely one thing that has really impressed me about Mériance - their formulations are unique and feature ingredients that I'm not yet all that familiar with, but when I look into them I find that they really are backed by evidence and well chosen for their application.

During the testing process, I've been consistently using these products in both my morning and evening routine. I've used them as recommended by the brand as well as going my own way a few times to test that out. When used in the morning, I start with my morning cleanse and move right into these products. When used at night, I generally do a double cleanse and follow with toner before moving into these products.

Mériance Collagen Eye Contour Cream*
Adapted to all skin complexions, this eye cream reduces instantly signs of fatigue daily and gives durable results. Instantly, the eye area looks less tired like a good night's sleep. Day after day, the eye area is brighter, signs of fatigue are reduced. 
Key Ingredients: Rose Water, Blueberry Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Euphrasia Officinalis

I decided to post these in the order that I use them and in my skin care routine, the first step after cleansing and toning is eye cream. I've used this both morning and night but, admittedly, I have a bit of a tendency to forget about my eye cream in the morning so this has been more of a night time staple for me. The texture of this cream is really, really gorgeous and rich, but sinks quite well into the skin. I don't at all mind using this as my morning eye cream because I find that it gives a really smooth, plump look to the undereye area that makes my makeup apply and wear a little more smoothly.

The ingredient in this product that has really fascinated me is Euphrasia Officinalis, which I'd never heard of and am really glad I looked into. Also known as Eyebright, Euphrasia Officinalis is an effective treatment for undereye puffiness and dark circles, owing to its astrigent properties. Cool, right? 

I have to say, I'm really into this eye cream and I think it works well for me, but I think it would be even better suited to more mature skin that needs that more emollient and rich texture in that delicate area. This is seriously a gorgeous one - and it's in a basically giant size for an eye cream!

Mériance Rejuvenating Serum*
The Rejuvenating Serum is able to encourage the release of collagen through fibroblast skin cells in the dermis. It is characterized by its ultrafine, penetrating texture. Its active ingredients (Peptides & Hyaularonic Acid) react quicker and more effectively for immediate results. The skin will regain its radiance, resulting in a brighter complexion. It will also prepares skin cells to receive the Native Collagen Serum.
Key Ingredients: Peptides - Matrixyl 3000tm, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E

From what I read, the serums in this collection are intended to be layered, with this one being applied first as a sort of primer step to boost the effects of the second one. It's a lighter weight gel texture serum that gives that immediate boost of moisture that helps the skin to look hydrated and healthy right away. It sinks in really quickly and within about 30 seconds, my skin feels silky smoothy without any stickiness left behind. I've actually reached for this on its own during my morning routine because I love that immediate look of health from a formula that doesn't disrupt the application or wear of my makeup at all.

I've really found that products containing peptides really show significant results in the overall look and feel of my skin and Matrixyl 3000, which is comprised of Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Paolitoyl Tetrapeptide, has been a great one for me. Matrixyl, from what I understand, has show really positive anti-aging results in clinical tests as well. That combined with the Hyaluronic Acid this contains makes this a really solid serum for my personal needs and it's one that I'm kind of obsessed with using.

I really love this serum both used as a layering serum at night, but also on its own in the morning because it doesn't leave behind that stickiness that some hyaluronic serums can. This sinks in beautifully and gives an immediate look of healthy hydration to the skin.

Mériance Native Collagen Serum*
Discover pure Collagen Serum from Mériance, a unique formula enriched with soluble collagen derived from marine origin that effectively penetrates the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin will be moisturized and will regain its beauty and suppleness. Densely laden with collagen of unmatched purity (99.7%), this advanced treatment offers a true source of daily youth.
Key Ingredients: Native Marine Collagen, Tremella Fuciformis, Spilanthes Acmella

Applied after the Rejuvenating Serum, this serum is more of a milky gel cream type texture that is definitely more emollient and works into the skin a teensy bit more slowly. Still, it actually penetrates quite quickly and leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky without any stickiness left behind. The difference, I think, in how my skin feels after applying this serum is that I can definitely feel some added moisture to the skin. I've actually layered these two serums in the morning and skipped moisturizer entirely because my skin really felt like it didn't need. Added bonus? Though it doesn't contain fragrance, there's a subtle almond-like scent to this product that makes it really, really enjoyable for me to use.

When I was researching the active ingredients for this post, I went down a little bit of a rabbit hole with Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract. From what I read this ingredient has shown to be effective when it comes to preventing wrinkles and also helps to improve the penetration of other ingredients into the skin - which is a great pairing with the marine collagen, if you ask me! I read some clinical results on this ingredient and it shows serious promise when it comes to the building blocks of the skin and the overall appearance of wrinkles.

I really, really enjoy using this and have every intention of continuing to use it in the future.

Mériance Anti-Aging Collagen Cream*
By stimulating the fibroblast biomechanical functions, the Anti-Aging Collagen Cream will reorganize the dermis architecture. The skin density and firmness are then rapidly enhanced, leading to a reduction in skin roughness. Visibly active, the action of this moisturizer is measurable from the first application.
Key Ingredients: Native Marine Collagen, Lepidium Meyenii Root, Fractionate Coconut, Spilanthes Acmella

I have to say, I really feel like the thing that I've found most impressive about all of these products is the textures because they really feel like they sink into the skin rather than sitting on it, and this product is a perfect example of that. Initially, I really thought that this was going to be a heavy cream that I would only be able to use at night, but once applied it sinks into the skin and leaves the surface looking really bright and feeling silky smooth and I've absolutely been able to use this during the day and under makeup with no problems. It also has a really pleasant, sort of oceanic scent to it, that I personally find really pleasant. For the record, Mériance doesn't use any fragrance in their products, so any scent comes from the ingredients themselves. 

Now seems like a pretty good time to get into the Native Marine Collagen ingredient, which I was really curious about, so I went and read their clinical study on the ingredient. Granted, I'm no scientist but I was pretty intrigued by what I could see. First off, when it comes to hydration, Native Marine Collagen is a humectant, which helps to draw moisture to the skin and retain it. As we know, hydration is key when it comes to maintaining healthy skin, so it's important to use products that not only add moisture but also help to maintain it. Something I was really surprised about when it comes to this ingredient is its antioxidant properties. Studies showed that the antioxidant effects increased with the dosage, so it does show results in minimizing oxidative stress. Cool, right?

I quite like this cream and I feel like the results I've seen personally in adding and maintaining hydration to the skin without adding a heavy texture, as well as the clinical results make me feel confident that this will be a great option to keep in my skin care routine during these colder months when I definitely need to be mindful of keeping my skin hydrated. 

Mériance Night Repair Cream*
Our Night Repair Cream is both nourishing and restorative. Rich in soluble native collagen and antioxidants, it enhances the natural regeneration mechanisms of your skin while you sleep in order to help restore the natural beauty of your face and neck.
Key Ingredients: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Native Marine Collagen, Tremella Extract, Coconut Oil, Sodium PCA

Admittedly, as I've been writing this, I've been applying the products to the back of my hand to give the most accurate description of the textures and I've literally just sat here for a couple of minutes staring into space and rubbing this into my hand - it's just the most gorgeous texture, and that's the first thing that I really noticed about it and fell in love with. The texture of this cream is rich, but it has a lightweight silkiness that you don't really see coming. On the skin it really feels like it's creating a barrier, holding the good ingredients, but it doesn't feel heavy, greasy or uncomfortable. It's just... I can barely explain it. It has a sort of silky slip to it, but doesn't feel dry - if that makes any sense at all. I've absolutely loved reaching for this every night because it's just a joy to use and I absolutely love waking up after using this to hydrated, silky feeling skin that looks really healthy.

I particularly like that this cream includes a must have skin care ingredient for me and one that I'm actually familiar with - that's obviously been a little bit different for this range, considering how much of a rabbit hole ingredient research sent me down. Vitamin C is a staple in my skin care routine, an antioxidant that has consistently show clinical results when it comes to aging, and one that I've always seen a difference with.

By far, out of this entire range of products, this one is my favorite and the one I'm most likely to repurchase in the future. It's a beautiful cream and every single time I use it, I wake up in the morning with skin that looks fresh, healthy and hydrated and with continued use I've seen continued results. If you try just one of these products, I highly recommend this one for pretty much any skin type.

TLDR; I'm really, really impressed with this entire range of products. Because these are luxury, science based products, they definitely carry a price tag to match, but I very much feel that it's warranted and worth the spend for those who have the budget and are looking for sophisticated skin care formulas to try out. I've also really loved taking the opportunity to look into the research surrounding the key ingredients in these formulas, many of which I was unfamiliar with before trying these out and putting together this post. I love learning about cosmetic ingredients, particularly the ones that are intended to be transformative, and I've been really impressed with the research surrounding these ones. 

If you're interested in trying out any of these products for yourself, head over to MERIANCE.COM and check out their wide range of products for various skin concerns and needs. They been kind enough to offer a discount code for my readers (not an affiliate code, I see no financial benefit if you use it.) 

Use code PRAIRIEBEAUTYLOVE50 for $50 off your first order of $75 or more!

Thanks for reading - testing out these products and writing this review has really been enjoyable for me, so I hope it was also beneficial for you!

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