HAPPY NEW YEAR! My 2019 Beauty Trend Predictions

by - January 01, 2019

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your holiday season has been safe and happy thus far and that you're looking forward to a great 2019. I decided that rather than focusing on things like resolutions, of which I'm admittedly not a huge fan, I would celebrate the new year by looking forward and telling you guys some of the things that I think are going to be big in makeup in 2019. By no means is this a science, but I do feel like I've been a part of the beauty community for long enough that I can see things coming by now... or at least I hope I can. Admittedly, though, some parts of this might include a little bit of hope on my part, since they're things that I'm personally excited to see coming.

Keep reading to see my predictions!

Alllllllll Of The Glitter
I feel like we've been ramping up more and more on the glitter front over the past year or so, but I really think it's going to be a huge thing in 2019. Until fairly recently, glitter has mostly been sold loose, messy and hard to work with, but as we see new and different formulas and ways of applying our glitter, it's becoming less of a pain and more of a pleasure, which is why I think we're going to see it more. I think we're going to see a lot more liquid glitters, a la Stila Glitter & Glow, and we're also going to see palettes including more pressed glitter shades. Personally, this isn't a prediction that I'm overly excited about, I think I've passed my glittery days, but I know it's one that will excite a lot of people as glitter formulas become more diverse and easily available.

Mustard, Plum & Olive Eyeshadow
I've said this already, but after the trends of orange and then red, I feel like this has sort of always been where we're heading and I tend to think of these as the new neutrals for 2019. We've definitely been seeing a lot more mustard yellows popping up in palettes recently and I know it's a shade that people get excited to see, but I think we're definitely going to start seeing it more and more with rich plum and olive tones. I feel like what happens is that we all get burnt out on what's popular, particularly when the market (and our vanities) get saturated, so we start looking around for other things and then they become the new hot thing. Personally, I really feel like these shades are not only what I've been looking for, but what I've seen other people looking for as well.

Berries & Glow 
This prediction is one that I can't really give a reason for, I just feel like we're due for some slightly less blinding highlighters paired with bold berry blush. It could be because of the eyeshadow shades that I see coming, because berries pair beautifully with those types of shades, but also because we've been really rooted in a certain thing for a while now and I think a lot of people are starting to look for something new. I think (maybe hope) that the days of really strong, reflective highlighter are going to fade and we're going to move into a lighter glow paired with a bolder cheek. Also, I feel like this pairing is literally flattering on anyone, giving a healthy, vital look to the face. Fingers crossed on this prediction!

All Of The Bright Lips
I feel two types of way about what I think is going to happen with lip products. The first is that we're not going to be stuck on one type of formula and there's going to be huge winners released in the coming year that span all the different formulas from liquid lipsticks to bullets to glosses and balms - and maybe some brand will release something completely new that blows us all out of the water. I just definitely think we're going to be less stuck on the types of lip products and more focused on colour, which I think is going to be a little brighter and a little more bold than it has been. That's sort of where I see makeup going just in general. The beauty community online blew up with really neutral, wearable looks and I feel like we've all been moving towards more colour and punch, and lips are a really comfortable way to do that. I think we're going to see bold colours really coming strong in 2019, in all of the formulas we all love!

CBD Beauty
I feel like we're starting to see this a little bit already with indie brands, but since everyone seems to be talking about (or using) CBD for health reasons, I really think we're going to start to see more and more of it in beauty. Honestly, I haven't personally looked into whether or not there are any benefits to using CBD topically for beauty reasons, but I do think it's an interesting ingredient and actually have people close to me who have seen great results with chronic pain and anxiety disorders from consistently using CBD. I think it's an interesting ingredient and I'd actually be really curious to try out some formulas that include it, but I'm also a little bit worried that this is one of those times that we're only going to see it because of gimmick and buzz. But still, this is actually one prediction that I feel really, really confident is going to hit hard in 2019.

So there you have it, my 5 predictions for Beauty Trends That Are Coming in 2019.

I'd love to hear your predictions in the comments - I'm always curious to hear what other people think about what's going on in the beauty world.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year! Let's all hope it's good one!

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