SWATCH &REVIEW: REVLON Ultra HD Snap! Nail Polish

by - January 22, 2021

If you're a lover of drugstore beauty, the begging of a new year is a super exciting time as brands start pushing out new releases and there are always some surprises. This year one of those exciting surprises for me was the REVLON Ultra HD Snap! nail polish line. When I saw the cardboard display at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, I couldn't resist snapping up a few of the more exciting shades and trying them out. 

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Give your nails a fresh look with this Revlon Ultra HD Snap Colour nail polish. The one-coat application provides full coverage for a beautiful finish, and the fast-drying format is ready to go in just seconds. This polish features shea butter, hexnal and green botanicals to nourish your nails for a healthier appearance. Featuring a clean, 100 percent vegan-friendly formula, this Revlon Ultra HD Snap Colour nail polish lets you feel good about giving yourself an at-home manicure.

According to what I've been able to find online so far, there are 16 shades available in this line, but based on the fact that I have shade 022 and 033, those 16 shades are just the initial release and they will be expanding the shade selection available soon. The initial display that I saw was really interesting as far as the shade range is concerned. While there were a few sort of standard shades, I feel like most of the shades in the display stood out for the drugstore. 

Something that I find really interesting is that I think we're seeing mainstream brands take some cues from indie nail polish brands who have a little bit more freedom and less mass-appeal necessity to contend with. When deciding which shades I was going to pick up from this line, I went with shades that weren't necessarily "pretty" and that also weren't really shades that I already have in my stupidly large collection. These definitely won't be for everyone and I can tell you that there's some distinctly pretty and bright and fun shades in this collection - I just tend to be drawn to the more ugly-pretty shades when I'm trying out a new formula. 

One thing that I was a little bit surprised by with this collection is the size of the bottles. At 8ml, they are some of the smallest polishes as far as volume is concerned in the drugstore. The bottle itself is really cute and I do like the ease of being able to tell exactly which polish I'm grabbing for in my drawer. I really, really like the wide, flat brush that these polishes have and I found that it really made the application easy, but I'm not much of a fan of having to hold onto that bulky lid while I'm painting.

I have to say, I'm really torn on this packaging... Can you tell?

REVLON Ultra HD Snap! Nail Polish | 2021
Grounded is a really interesting shade, though it might not seem that way at first. It's a really ashy purple shade that I would say finds a really even balance between purple and grey, and I actually find that it leans even a little bit more grey on the nails than it does in the bottle. On my nail length, this polish required 2 coats for full, full coverage, but on smaller nails you could easily get away with 1 coat. The application was lovely, really smooth and easy. This is definitely a thicker polish formula, not gloopy but with a solid viscosity that stays where you put it. 

Commander In Chief 
REVLON Ultra HD Snap! Nail Polish | 2021
Commander In Chief is what I would describe as a sort of alligator green shade with strong yellow undertones - and based on the fact that I didn't have a shade in my collection anything like this when I bought it but ended up getting pretty much an exact dupe in a new collection within days of picking this up... I think it might be about to be a trend? Anyway, I LOVE THIS ONE. It was another one that was 2 coats on me but could easily be a one coater on someone with shorter nails. The application was dreamy and I legitimately can't think of anything else to say about it.  

Marigold Maven
REVLON Ultra HD Snap! Nail Polish | 2021
When describing this yellow shade, I almost certainly would have said it's a marigold yellow if they hadn't already put it in the name. It's a very bright yellow shade with just a hint of orange to it, which definitely sets it apart from other yellows in my personal collection. As far as the formula, I would say that this is the only one that I think will definitely need two coats regardless of your nail length. That said, yellow is a shade I rarely reach for because it tends to be a pain to work with, but this one had a smooth and really easy, even application for me. I still don't think yellow is particularly flattering on my skin tone, but this is a really lovely yellow polish!

Overall, I think the quality and shade selection of these polishes is really solid. The formula applies really beautifully, with strong coverage and a decently short dry time. I love the three shades that I ended up with and I really do feel like all of them are unique in my collection, which is fantastic to see from a créme polish available in the drugstore. I do wish they were a little bit bigger, volumewise, and I wish that the cap slipped off because it's a little bulky in my hand, but neither of those are dealbreakers for me at all.

I picked up these three shades in a stand alone display at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, but I do believe these are also popping up online and should be widely available soon.

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