SWATCH & REVIEW: Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection 2021

by - November 04, 2021

When I saw that Sally Hansen was releasing a second collaboration collection with Sour Patch Kids for this Halloween season, I was super excited. Last year, I picked up three of the shades and did some nail art to feature all of them - you can check it out here, if you'd like - but this year I was lucky enough to be sent along the whole collection to swatch for you guys. This is a limited edition collection, so if you want to get your hands on it, I would recommend some urgency - I can't tell you how many LE Sally Hansen polishes I've slept on and regretted not picking up.

I am listing the swatches in alphabetical order, which doesn't quite flow the way I'd like it to, but it is what it is. Keep reading to check out the collection!

Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection - Creep It Real*
Honestly, this shimmery pink glow in the dark shade is probably intended to be a topper but as soon as I looked at the formula I knew I wanted to try it as a sheer polish. This swatch is two coats on natural nails, no top coat, and I'm sort of in love with it. The glow in the dark factor on this one is a little weak, I must say, but that doesn't bother me even remotely because it's just... so pretty! This is definitely not a polish that you'll be able to build to opacity, so prepare for visible nail line if you're going to wear it on its own, but it does provide a nice camouflaging effect to the natural nail and the shade of pink is really flattering and soft. 

Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection - Fa-BOO-Lous*
Fa-BOO-loud is a your classic Glow In The Dark shade and has a pretty strong glow factor, which I had absolutely no interest in capturing in photos once I applied it over a couple of different polishes. I mean... LOOK AT IT (scroll down to the Full Moon swatch to see the difference.) It has this really fine particle look to it that gives the most beautiful texture and in this case really, really drove home the look of Sour Patch Kids. I mean, seriously - one coat of this over that speckled full moon polish and you get the exact look of actual candy on your nails. I love it to a degree that is absolutely silly and I suspect I'll find some fun ways to play with it for nail art in the future. 

Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection - First Sour, Then Sweet*
I know that this polish is intended to reference the bits on the Sour Patch Kids, but honestly, it immediately takes my brain to snow and I know that this is a polish I'll be reaching for this upcoming holiday season. It's a really fine white particle glitter topper that just perfectly mimics the look of snow over the nail. It's a little sparse, which probably makes it a little bit more versatile than if it was a more dense formula, and it does leave behind a little bit of texture on the nail that would easily be smoothed with a glossy top coat. Overall, it's a really solid shade and a great addition to this collection, especially since it's something I've personally never seen before. 

Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection - Full Moon*
Another super unique shade in this collection, Full Moon is a sheer teal jelly polish filled with the same fine glitters that make up First Sour, Then Sweet. Because this is a jelly, it's definitely a little bit sheer and at three coats I didn't manage to get it opaque but I personally found it close enough. You can still see some visible nail line, but it's pretty well camouflaged. It leaves behind a little bit of texture on the nails, but again I think it could easily be smoothed with a glossy top coat. Honestly, the thing that just really stands out to me about this polish is that it's just so unique. I've literally never seen a polish like this and I love that. Also, just... the pairing of it with Fa-BOO-Lous is basically magic - love it!

Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection - Ghouls Night Out*
This is one of the polishes featured here that I picked up from last year's Sour Patch Kids collection and I'm fairly certain that it's the same formula this time around. This is just a classic black créme polish that I would recommend two thin coats of for full opacity. It was a little bit sheer on that first coat, but easily, easily built up on the second. The application was great, really smooth and easy, and one thing I like about this type of black shade is that I don't have to be too precious about my application because it's not so pigmented as to be a menace. I love a super densely pigmented black, don't get me wrong, but they can be a nightmare if you don't have a steady hand. This polish is a really nice balance of coverage and ease of application. Do recommend. 

Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection - Hallo-Queen*
I have to say, this polish is the only one in this collection that really doesn't do it for me. It's a glitter topper that features square silver holo glitters, medium matte black hex glitters, and two different sizes of a muted matte orange hex glitters. This topper is definitely a little bit sparse and the glitters are heavy, so it can take a little bit of fishing and fussing to get coverage. It's definitely a unique one and a solid option for Halloween, but I just found it a little bit difficult to work with and I can't really see myself reaching for it - but I'm not much of a glitter topper kind of girl, so do with my opinion what you will. 

Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection - Pump-Kid*
This is the second polish featured here that I picked up in last year's release and I have to say that it's pretty fantastic. It's a really classic orange, definitely leaning a little bit more towards yellow but still really balanced. It's a super pigmented formula and you could easily get away with one coat if you polish more heavily, but I would personally recommend two thinner coats for smooth, full opacity. If you're looking for a really solid orange polish for your collection, I really feel like you can't go wrong with this one. It's just really kind of perfect for exactly what it is.

Sally Hansen x Sour Patch Kids Collection - The Un-Red*
Initially I assumed this was going to just be a classic, sort of poppyish red shade, but there's something really unique about it actually. I would actually describe this as almost having a neon poppy feel - a weird combination of muted in its tone and incredibly bright and bold all at the same time. Honestly, hard to describe but seriously unique in a world where we all have bright red polishes. Like Pump-kid, I would recommend 2 coats of this for full opacity and I think the formula is really beautiful and easy to work with. Solid, solid polish and surprisingly unique - two thumbs up!

Honestly, I love this collection. I love that they paired up with Sour Patch Kids and I think that the inspiration of the candy as well as it being a Halloween themed collection really comes through - sorry for the lateness of the review, the 31 days of Halloween nails got away from me a little. This might still be available in stores locally depending on where you're at, and I also found the entire collection still available on - so take a look there if you're looking for it online.

Thanks so much for reading!

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