May 2014 Favorites

by - June 04, 2014

I swear, these months are passing so quickly that I'm having trouble keeping up... And I'm also having trouble thinking of new favorites now that summer has arrived and I've fallen into a bit of a standard routine of old favorites. I did, however, manage to scrape up a few things that I've been completely obsessed with, so without further adieu...

1. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit
I've been thinking recently about doing a post about my absolute favorite Korean products, and this would without question top the list. This BB cream has a really smooth texture and evens my skintone beautifully while giving me a more radiant look to my skin. Every time I wear this (which is basically every day lately) I feel like I look really healthy and luminous without really looking like I'm wearing makeup. I think that's the thing I love most about this product, it provides me with the coverage that I need without ever really looking like makeup. Also, I love the packaging, particularly the pump.
2. Herbal Essences The Sleeker The Butter Conditioner
I don't remember the last time I actually liked an Herbal Essences hair product, so it's a little bit surprising that I even bought this. It has to be some combination of need (since the bottle of my conditioner that lives in my boyfriend's bathroom had just run out), price ($2.42 on sale at Walmart when I bought it), and the fact that I really wanted my hair to smell like the stuff in this bottle. Honestly, it was mostly the smell. This stuff smells absolutely heavenly. But beyond that, it actually leaves my hair really silky, shiny, and (as the name implies) sleek. I'd been having some issues with the ends of my hair being dry and frizzy after washing and this has done probably as much as I can ask of a conditioner to do that. In fact, I went and bought the shampoo to go with it just yesterday because I want to try the pair together. AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD. Ahem. 

3. Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat
None of the colours on the display of the new Revlon Gel Envy polishes jumped out at me, so I didn't pick any up, but I'm always a sucker for trying out a new top coat (particularly since I've given up on Seche Vite and it seems almost impossible to find Out The Door unless Winners miraculously has it amongst all of their nail items, which is rare). Anyway, I picked this up and it was pretty much love at first swipe, but the love also endured. As did my nail polish. This top coat absolutely extends the wear of my polish and keeps it from chipping. In fact, I would venture to say that, for me, this has been the most successful top coat in keeping my manicures fresh that I've ever tried. I love it. I want to buy five bottles just so that I never run out. 
4. Tokyomilk Dark Lip Elixir Bee Balm and Jasmine Lip Balm in Salted Caramel
I'm just gonna be real honest... I bought this because it smells like everything that is delicious in the world. It's a pretty good balm and I really like how it feels on the lips, but the thing that keeps me coming back to it is unquestionably the smell. This isn't actually my preferred lip balm application option, I tend to hate pots that I have to dip my finger into, but it's worth it to me. THAT IS HOW GOOD THIS STUFF SMELLS. There's something complex about the scent, I must say, which makes me want to give a sniff to some of the Tokyomilk Dark fragrances. I have a feeling that one or two of them may tickle my fancy.
5. Goody Spin Pins
Last night I wanted to wear my hair down... and then it was so hot that I felt like I had no choice but to pull it up. That's basically my standard operating procedure at this point, which is why I'm obsessed with these pins. I was actually some combination of terrified and skeptical of these when I first saw them whenever they came out, but I'd heard good things so I decided to give them a try. And they win, simple as that. When I wanna quickly throw my hair up into a messy bun, these are a life saver and they keep my style in place really well. Win. Seriously. They may seem a little bit overpriced for two pins, but I assure you that they're worth it.
Halsa Acupressure Mat
A couple of months ago, I was watching an episode of Running Man and decided I needed to look into these apparently painful acupressure mats. I was pretty much an instant convert and decided that I was going to have to order one. Of course, I talked a friend of mine into it first, but I ordered my own pretty much as soon as I took a quick spin on hers. I suffer from all kinds of back and neck pain (owing to a combination of poor posture, poor core strength, and a car accident that resulted in whip lash last year) and this is helping me immensely. Acupressure mats are said to have a whole list of varied health benefits and I'm looking forward to seeing if they're true. What I can say for absolute certain at this point is that when it comes to back pain or insomnia, this lives up to its claims.

Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters with Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds
I feel like I could sit down and eat a whole bag of these. I won't, because overdoing it on the nuts is never a good idea for the stomach, but they're delicious enough that I would want to try. Also, I'm noticing that Costco has more and more healthy, natural and organic options these days and I'm really enjoying it. There are no offensive ingredients in this mix as far as I know, so I can snack without feeling too guilty about it. I have a feeling we'll be picking these up on every Costco excursion.

So that's all for this months favorites. I'm hoping that at the end of June, I'll have a less thrown together set of favorites and also (perhaps) an empties post since I haven't been using many things up recently but am close to the end of quite a few bottles. I'm crossing my fingers!


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