FAVORITES: April 2015

by - May 05, 2015

You know how most months everyone says they can't believe that the month is already over? While I can't believe this year is already into its fifth month, I can absolutely believe that April is over because it dragged. Oh boy, did it drag. I've gotta say... I'm feeling a little tired and a little unmotivated to do anything other than curl up in bed and watch old episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. If my posts get a little more sporadic, I apologize! Anyway, it was still a month of using products, both shopped from my collection and new, and I definitely favorites to show you. This is a very makeup heavy favorites month... but those are my favorite kinds!

Without further adieu....


1. Miracle 10 AHA Gel I 
I have a review coming tomorrow on all of the Miracle 10 products that I've been using for the past few weeks, but I have to say that this is my favorite product of the bunch. Recently I've been dying to try AHAs or BHAs since I'm no spring chicken and I really, really want my 22 year old skin yet. I've been really liking this and I do feel like it's making a difference... but I'll say more on that tomorrow, so check back!

2. COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in London
A while back, you may have caught my review of the COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo and recall that I pretty much hated it.... but I still picked up the Sheer Invisible version because I'd heard such good things. And obviously, I really like it. I don't know that it tops my holy grail EVA NYC dry shampoo, but it's a damn good substitute and leaves my hair feeling and looking clean and soft without that pesky white cast.

3. JULEP Nail Color in Emerson
April has been all about washed out blue shades on my nails, but this has been the true winner for one very important reason. I'm hard on my nails and they tend to chip fairly easily, but this polish lasted me for nearly a week with only the barest of tip wear. I call this a huge win. Also, the black speckles are adorable and make my nails vaguely look like pretty rocks. (This polish is still available and is currently only $4.99!)

4. AWESOME Aqua Radiance CC Cream
I got this in a Memebox ages ago and I remember loving it at the time, but then it got tucked away in favor of higher coverage and a more matte finish. However, don't get me wrong, this packs a surprising amount of coverage for a CC product and has a really nice, natural finish on the skin. I've been opting for lighter coverage this past few weeks and this has been a go to for me. It also smells really herbal and for some reason I really like that about it.

5. Boo Boo Cover Up in Medium
I received this deluxe sample of the Boo Boo Cover Up in my March Ipsy bag and I used it a couple of times and then tossed it in a drawer where it was promptly forgotten until the past few weeks. My skin has been behaving fairly well as a whole this month, but there have been a few angry blemishes that needed some heavier coverage than my generally fairly light base and this did the trick like gang busters. I'm officially a Boo Boo Cover Up believer.

6. Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Flamingo
This was officially my last beauty purchase from Target Canada on the very last day that the very last store here in Winnipeg was open and I'm so incredibly glad that I bought it. I'd heard about these blushes from Emily on Beauty Broadcast for ages, but I never got around to picking one up - of course now I wish I had every shade. These are really silky blushes with a ton of pigmentation and excellent staying power. What more could you ask for? I also love that this shade is pretty much perfect for spring to give a pretty pop of colour on the cheeks.

7. L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel Mascara
I picked this up on a whim a few weeks ago with the feeling that I had to try it even though I probably wouldn't like it. I'm so glad I was wrong! I got this in the darker shade, which is unusual for me, but it's pretty perfect for me and I'm really getting used to having darker, fuller brows lately. My favorite thing about this product, however, is the hold. This stuff keeps my brows in place morning to night without any smudging or flaking. Love, you guys. It's love.

8. L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Waterproof Mascara
I mentioned this briefly in my monthly mascara post because I tend to use this product every day, whether I'm using it alone or as a base for another mascara. The thing that I love about this mascara is that it really, really holds a curl all day. It also gives really great length and separation so it looks like I have a lot of long lashes. If I want more drama, I'll use this in conjunction with a more volumizing formula, but when I want a really natural look this works beautifully on it's own.

9. Hard Candy Fierce Effects in Slow & Steady
I previously reviewed this product, but it wasn't actually getting a ton of use until recently. This is the lighter shade from the duo and it works absolutely gorgeously all over the lid when blended with pretty much any deeper shade in the crease and outer corner. This has really been a go to for me lately when I want some nice highlight on the lid without adding too much drama. It's also incredibly affordable, which is a huge bonus as well.

10. it Cosmetics Heavely Luxe Powder Brush
This is another product that I recently reviewed and another one that I've been using every single day. This brush is beautiful and probably the most luxurious, soft, and beautiful brush that I have in my collection. My favorite way to use this is at the very end of my makeup routine to softly blend all of the various color products that I use on my face so that everything looks seamless and it's actually a real treat to just touch this brush to my skin. Beautiful.


Singles Villa
You guys may know that I've been a huge fan of Korean dramas for quite some time, but I'm also a fan of some other Asian dramas. This particular one is a Chinese/Korean collaboration that stars two of the actors from my all time favorite Taiwanese drama, It Started With a Kiss, so I was definitely in to start watching it as soon as Dramafever added episodes. The two main leads have great chemistry and there's a kind of strange subplot about a serial killer, which is kind of odd considering the overall cuteness of this story but it still somehow works. There's one more chunk of episodes that need to be released and I can't wait to see how it ends.

Big Bang - Bae Bae
In keeping with a theme here, my #1 favorite K-Pop group finally released some new music (on April 30, so it still counts, right????) and I'm so excited. It's a bit of a departure from their last album, which I don't mind at all, and this video for the song Bae Bae has some of the most sexual-not-actually-sexual imagery and I'm obsessed. I find that liking K-Pop starts with amazement over the cheese factor and the overwhelming imagery and then transforms into genuine enjoyment. Love it. Honestly, this video is hilarious to me... and yet I genuinely enjoy it as well. Yay, Big Bang!

... Not gonna lie, I just got distracted from writing this post by K-Pop videos so I think that's a sign that I need to call an end to this. I hope it wasn't too disjointed from my tiredness, I always want these things to be fun to read!

Anyway, what're your favorite products this month? I'd love to read about them! Also, if there's any felling kdrama and kpop fans reading this... Let me know, I need some allies in this obsession! :)

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