REVIEW: Freedom Makeup London Pro Highlight in Brighten + SWATCHES

by - July 20, 2015

I have to admit, I'm just kind of dipping my toes into the pool of highlighting. Until recently, I wasn't entirely sure about the practice, because I'd tried so many product that highlighted the texture imperfections in my skin more than anything else, but more and more I'm realizing how great highlighted skin looks when you have the right products. Of course, this means (as an unrepentant makeup junkie) that I'm on the hunt for more and more highlight products that get the job done for me, which is why I decided to pick up this highlighter from Freedom Makeup London, of course. Like everything else from this brand, this came at a great price point, so how could I resist?

For my thoughts on this product as well as a swatch, keep reading!

I really like this packaging. Looking at the picture and thinking that in my head, it seems almost like a weird thing to say, but stay with me here. This is a sturdy plastic case that has a black base and a complete see through lid. I find the packaging to be very secure and the lid snaps closed tightly, which is always important to me. My favorite thing, though, is that the see through lid with the very subtle white branding on it makes it easy to see the gorgeousness of the bronzer and the really pretty wave pattern in the product itself. It just looks pretty and, to me, more expensive than it actually is.

The product itself is actually kind of hard to explain. I was expecting that the formula would be similar to other powder products that I've tried from the brand (and from it's sister bran, Makeup Revolution) but I actually find it to be quite different. First, while still soft, it doesn't have a creamy texture to it. Also, as far as pigmentation it's not as highly packed as I was expecting. Now, you may think that these are bad things, but I actually find that with this particular product and application, those are good things. This powder picks up very well on a brush and applies really beautifully to the cheeks to give a pretty glow without looking like you can be seen from space. For me, that's how I prefer my highlight to look.

Where this highlighter really wins for me is the actual shade and finish of it. In the pan, it can look like a kind of unremarkable champagne highlight. On the skin, though? Oh you guys... On the skin, this has a beautiful iridescent pearly finish that runs almost a little bit lavendar, with hints of peach and pink in it. I absolutely love this shade and finish and I think it gives a really glowing, youthful appearance to the skin without looking overpowering or too makeupy. I probably wouldn't recommend this highlighter to people with deeper skin tones, because it will almost certainly end up looking ashy, but on lighter skintones this is just a beautiful product.

For the price, I would highly recommend trying this to anyone whose skintone would suit it. I continue to be impressed by Freedom Makeup London and can't wait to try more products from them! If you're interested, Freedom Makeup London can be purchased from their website and if you sign up for their newsletter they do offer a 20% off discount code for your first purchase!

Thanks for reading!

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