REVIEW: Measurable Difference Face & Body Highlighter in Glow

by - December 23, 2015

Sometimes I see a product in a store and I just WANT it, but I don't buy it because I've never heard anything about it and don't know if it'll be any good. But then I go back to the store and I see it again and I WANT it, but again I stop myself. I swear, with this highlighter I did that about 10 times before I finally just grabbed the Measurable Difference Face & Body Highlighter in the shade Glow off the shelf one day at Winners and decided to give it a try. I love baked cheek products, and more and more I'm finding myself gravitating in that direction. The thing that drew me about this particular product was how much it reminded me of some very high end baked highlighting products that I've been coveting and I thought... Could this be as good as those? 

How's that for a long story about how this came to reside in my collection? I'll stop doing some much adoing and get to the review now, so keep reading!

First off, let's talk about the packaging. This is a good size highlighter, with 11g of product included, and I think it'll take me AGES to get through it - Never a bad thing. The packaging is very simple and has no pretty bells and whistles, which you guys know I like, but it's sturdy and isn't bulky which is great for me because it makes it easy to store in my already-bursting-at-the-seams blush/bronzer/highlight drawer. Overall, the packaging is just fine for me.

But what about the formula? I LOVE IT! I find that with baked products, you have to get through the top layer, which I tend to liken to a thin crust, to see what the texture and pigmentation is really going to be like, and I found that to be true with this one as well. Underneath that thin layer this product is beautifully silky and highly pigmented. Like all of my favorite highlights, this doesn't have any shimmer in it but instead has a super finely milled glow. I like to be fairly sparing with how much of this I apply, because I have texture that I don't like to draw attention to on my skin, but I think you could apply this quite heavily and get a really in your face glow going as well. I can't say enough about how much I love this formula.

As you can see, this is a pretty standard champagne highlight, but I feel like in the pan there's a little bit more peachiness to it than is really showing up in the photos. It's a beautiful shade, light and glowy enough for my pale skin, but with enough colour to it that I think it could work really well on a wide variety of skintones without looking ashy. I would really only say that the palest and deepest of skintones might not like this because they may find it a little too dark and a little too light respectively. Honestly, though, I think that other than that this product is one of the most universal that I've seen.

Have I made my love for this product clear yet? I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I've been stalking my local Winners to find more of the Measurable Difference baked cheek products and am eager to try more things from the brand overall. I did pick up a 5 pan eyeshadow palette from the brand, so if you're interested in seeing a review of that, just let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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