REVIEW: Hard Candy Big Fat Lashaholic Mascara

by - March 30, 2016

I feel like new mascaras are constantly coming out in the drugstore. Maybe it's because I have a truly ridiculous number of mascaras on the go, but I find that they're the products that I'm least likely to pick up. I've gotten very mascara picky over the past couple of years and so I tend to stick with the ones that always get it done for me. However, as I was looking over the new products from Hard Candy, I noticed that there were a couple of new mascaras in the mix and the Big Fat Lashaholic Mascara jumped out at me for some reason, so I picked it up! I've been really putting this to the test for the past couple of weeks, and I'm ready to give a review!

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Though I couldn't find an official description of this product online, you can see the claims that this makes on the packaging. This claims to give "extreme volume & length" and a "false lash look". Can we really be surprised that this jumped out at me?

I think what also might have gotten my attention is the bright, sunny yellow of the tube and the branding. One thing that I think Hard Candy does really well is their branding, because nothing else in the drugstore looks anything like a Hard Candy product - always a plus. This tube is just cute, right?

As you can see, the mascara has rubber bristles, which tends to be my personal mascara preference - though that is very much subjective. One thing I really like about this wand is that the bristles wrap around the tip. It's not a ball tip like some other mascaras that have bristles at the tip, they just continue and kind of wrap around the end. For me, this is a good way to really get into the corners of the eyes and make sure your mascara is applied everywhere without making a big mess.

Now, as to how this performs, I've got some pros and cons. The first pro is that this mascara is very, very black. Some black mascaras are kind of a muted black, but this one is very, very inky black. The second is that it does give you those fluttery, not all one length lashes that I personally prefer. Of course, the third is that it's really easy to apply and I think it does a pretty good job of separating the lashes. All three of these things are very important to me.

Of course, cons.. I did find it a little bit difficult to really build both the volume and length that I was expecting. While this did give me nice, dark, defined lashes, it really didn't give me the drama that I was expecting based on the claims. Also, I did find that it was a little bit difficult to build. On my second coat, it did tend to start clumping a little bit, though nothing too serious or spidery, and I didn't find that it really added much to the overall look. The second con is that by the end of the day I did find that this flaked on me a little bit - and if I rubbed my eyes at all, it flaked a lot.

Overall, I would say that while this does have some good qualities and I actually really love the brush, this is a bit of a pass for me. I think there are better mascaras in the drugstore that don't have quite the dealbreaking cons for me that this one does. Also, it's a little more expensive than Hard Candy once was, which I can only chalk up to the Canadian dollar on me end, so it makes it a little less of a bargain product. 

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