REVIEW: ProFusion Studio Highlight Palette

by - July 14, 2016

Sometimes when I go into Winners, I'm tempted by good prices to try things that I might not otherwise have picked up. I'm actually not a big fan of highlighter palettes because I feel like there's probably only a shade or two in each palette that I'll be able to use. Of course, for $6.99, I'm not too worried about whether or not I'm going to get use out of all of the shades and it seems like it's worth a try. So, recently I picked up this ProFusion Studio Highlight Palette in hopes that there might be a shade or two in here that I can make work for my skin. I've been testing it out and I'm ready to give you guys my review!

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As you can see, this palette contains 6 shades in a cardboard packaging with a plastic palette base. The outside of the palette has some rose gold details and branding that I think are actually really pretty. The plastic window in the lid is really flimsy and I don't think I would trust this to travel or toss into a makeup kit.  The packaging is pretty take it or leave it for me. It's a little bit cheap, but I'm not really mad at that since this cost me $7. Each pan contains 5 grams of product. For comparison sake, this palette contains almost exactly the same amount of product as the Anastasia Glow Kit, but in 6 pans instead of 4.

The formula on these powders is very, very creamy. For the most part, I quite like the textures of these because they give a really smooth glow to the skin without ever looking powdery or heavy. The exception to this is with White Pearl, which I find to be a really thick powder that is a little harder for me to work with because if I apply it too heavily it can be a little thick and really emphasize any texture on the skin. I would say that if you're going to use this shade, apply your highlight with a brush that won't pick up too much product and can really work it into the skin. The rest of the powders have a really smooth texture that buffs into the skin really beautifully.

One thing that I would say to be aware of is that these are definitely shimmery highlighters. I don't notice any overly chunky glitter in them, but there's definitely some fine shimmers that some people really won't like. I find the shades on the bottom row tend to feel less shimmery and instead give more of a metallic sheen, which makes me gravitate towards them a little more than the top row.

As you can see, there are a good selection of shades in this palette and I definitely think that just about anyone is going to be able to find a highlighter shade that can work for them. I've found that I can make the three lighter shades work on my skin, though I have a definite favorite.

White Pearl - A very pale white with a pink undertone.  This is my least favorite formula of all of these highlighters, because it's a little bit thick and I find it to be more shimmery than the other shades, which is not my taste. 
Pale Gold - A light champagne with a strong yellow undertone. I think a lot of people would really enjoy this shade. It's not the most pigmented, but it does give a nice subtle glow to the skin if you don't mind the visible shimmers in it.
Rose Gold - A very warm rosy copper. I think this would look best on mid-deep skintones with a warm undertone. It pulls very orange on the skin, so I think you need to have the depth to carry that in order to pull this off.
Golden Pearl - A peachy champagne. This is my absolute favorite in the palette and I'm surprised I can make it work for my skin. This has a really nice sheen without any noticeable shimmers on this skin and gives a really natural, glowy finish. 
Golden Nude - A midtoned golden bronze. I think this would work for people who from deeply tan to mid-deep or even deep. This powder also has a beautiful smooth texture that doesn't feel shimmery but instead just has a nice sheen to it. Though I don't like shimmery bronzer, I might test this out on my skin to try for a J.Lo glow.
Golden Bronze - A midtoned copper bronze. This shade has more depth than Golden Nude, but the biggest difference is that it pulls a lot more orange where Golden Nude pulled yellow/gold. I would again say this would be best for mid-deep to deep skintones that can carry off that much orange undertone.

Overall, I think this is a great product for the price point. It's not a perfect product, but I think it performs quite well and most of the powders work really well on the skin. I personally prefer the bottom row of shades and will likely mostly be reaching for Golden Pearl. For $7, I don't even mind if that's the only shade in this palette that I ever end up reaching for, to be honest. I definitely don't think this is a must have for people who have a lot of highlighters, particularly high end highlighters, but I do think it's a good, affordable option that will have something for a lot of different people.

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