FRAGRANCE: So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara*

by - October 19, 2016

When I was growing up,  most of my mom's makeup, skin care, and fragrance was from Avon. I think she liked the ease of being able to go through the catalogue each month and pick out the things that she wanted. I remember so clearly that she always wore Night Magic from Avon as her perfume and that smell will pretty much forever remind me of my mom in the 80s and early 90s. Recently, Avon released a new fragrance in partnership with Sofia Vergara, who is pretty much goals as far as I'm concerned. Gorgeous, confident, funny as all get out? Yup, I absolutely adore her, so I was more than happy to get a chance to try out the So Very Sophia Eau De Parfum* from Avon.

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Bold and feminine, the fragrance combines succulent fruits with tropical florals and fragrant herbs for a standout scent.
  • The fragrance starts with juicy notes of ripe passion fruits for an aromatic statement
  • The scent evolves to reveal a heart of delicate Flor De Mayo Orchid, the national flower of Columbia, Sofia's native country.
  • Base notes of herbal patchouli envelop the wearer for a memorable finish.

My instinct to describe this scent is that it's undeniably feminine, but not at all in a girlie way. This fragrance is all woman in a way that is unabashed, sexy without being dark, a little bit flirty, and definitely confident. For me, it's not entirely the type of fragrance that I typically go for, just because I personally like darker fragrances that lean ever so slightly masculine, but I still think this is a beautiful fragrance that will be very, very appealing to people who like a feminine scent that feels modern and not so sweet that it feels juvenile. I've actually asked a few friends who like more feminine scents that I do what they think of this one and they think it's really lovely!

One issue that I would say that I have with this is that the fragrance staying power isn't the best. Even layered with the body lotion (which is silky, light and quite lovely!), I only get a few hours of being able to really smell this and beyond that few hours I can really only get hints if I really press my nose against my wrist. I was going to have my boyfriend smell test me... but he literally has the worst sense of smell ever, so it seemed best to just go with my own instincts. Anyway, that's not really a huge problem for me and I don't mind reapplying my fragrance once it wears down, but it definitely bears mentioning.

If you're interested in picking up So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara, it's available for $38 exclusively through Avon. Visit to locate an Avon Representative!

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