REVIEW: 9wishes Rice Foaming Cleanser

by - September 18, 2019

Hey guys! If you saw my post last month about The Case Full Of Seoul*, you may remember just how excited I was to really get into using the 9wishes Rice Foaming Cleanser that was included in the set. The fact I'm a complete and total cleanser junkie - seriously, you should see my bathroom - combined with the recommendations of some skin care influencers that I genuinely trust really had me super excited to get this onto my skin. 

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It is very, very clear that they didn't pull out any stops on the inclusion of rice in this cleanser. It includes finely ground rice powder for a gentle exfoliation, rice bran water to brighten and restore hydration, along with rice bran ferment and rice bran extract. Rice is actually a really, really great skin care ingredient and one that I don't think gets a lot of play in Western skin care, but has a strong presence in Asian products.

The texture of this cleanser is really interesting, I would almost describe it as "bouncy", and it's quite unlike any cleanser I've tried before. The grit of the rice powder is very, very fine and gives a really gentle exfoliation that doesn't redden or irritate my skin the way a lot of scrubs tend to. This is a foaming cleanser and it has a fairly tight foam that starts to get an almost creamy feeling as it works into the skin and the grittiness seems to dissipate. I prefer to take my cleanser off with a warm washcloth, but this also splashes off fairly easily if that's your thing. 

I really like to use this as a morning cleanse because it has a sort of invigorating feel for my skin, making everything feel really smooth and brightened, perfect for makeup. Like I said, it is a foaming cleanser but once I rinse this off my skin, it feels nicely hydrated but also distinctly clean. This isn't a hydrating cleanser that feels like it leaves anything behind, it rinses off completely but skin feels really bouncy and fresh once removed. 

I have to say that this really lived up to what I was hoping it would be. It's a genuinely unique experience to use this cleanser and I feel like it balances that gentle exfoliation with a thorough cleanse that maintains my moisture barrier. It's so strange, because I feel like this cleanser somehow manages a balance that I've never really seen before from this type of product. If you're in the market for a new cleanser or are looking to get into Korean skin care and this sounds like it could be something that would work for you, I'd totally recommend it.

Like I mentioned above, this cleanser is available locally at Costco Canada in The Case Full Of Seoul* and if you're interested in checking out what else is inside this set, head over and check out my first impression

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