NAIL ART: Forest Green Leaves Nails ft. Cadillacquer Enchanted Forest

by - October 03, 2020

With how in love I am with the brand spankin' new Exclusive Cadillacquer Duo that I shared my swatches of the other day, I obviously had to create some nail art using them. I immediately knew pretty much exactly what I wanted to do with the shade Enchanted Forest*, which is distinctly my favorite of the two shades because I'm obviously a fiend for green nail polishes and this one has pretty much jumped to the top of my favorites list. I wanted to stick with a nail art vibe that paired well with the name, so I did this diagonal leaf design that I think is just perfect for fall. 

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Have I sung the song of this polish enough yet? Cadillacquer Enchanted Forest* is a rich neutral forest green shade that's absolutely packed with these warm toned shifting flakes. The application is gorgeous, with full coverage in two coats, and it definitely reads darker and richer on the nail than it does in the bottle. So, of course, for this look I started with two coats on all of my nails. If you want to see my swatches of both of the polishes from this collection, head over to my Swatch & Review post. 

For the stamping, I really, really wanted to use Clear Jelly Stamper Which Is Witch? for the stamping, so I actually waited for my order to arrive before doing this mani. Sadly, I had a little bit of a mishap with my polish and ended up receiving a bottle that wasn't quite sealed properly and was pretty dried out when I received it. (Customer service was amazing and offered to credit me for the polish, which I accepted. Huge ups to the quick and satisfying response.) Of course, I still wanted to use it for this nail art, so I put a... cubic buttload of nail polish thinner into the bottle and shook it until my arm hurt and while it was still a little thick, I did manage to make it work.

The image I used for this mani is from the Nicole Diary L14 Stamping Plate. It's a full coverage image, but is actually really easy to trim down using a  lint roller so that I could get these partial coverage, diagonal images for all of the nails. For my ring finger, I actually applied the partial image twice, leaving a bit of a gap between them for a slightly modified full coverage image.

I sealed in my stamping with a water based top coat and followed with a generous coat of glossy quick dry top coat and voila!

All Products Used
Cadillacquer - Enchanted Forest* (exclusively available from
Clear Jelly Stamper - Which Is Witch?
Suncoat Water Based Top Coat
Quo Beauty Flash Dry Top Coat
Nicole Diary L14 Stamping Plate
What's Up Nails Magnified Clear Stamper

I'm so obsessed with this base polish that I can barely say enough about it, but I extra love it paired with this leaf stamping design in this metallic olive shade. I feel like the two shades really work well together and sort of bring out the best in each.

As I said above, this shade is a exclusive - launching TODAY October 3, 2020 - and I would highly, highly recommend checking it out. If you're interested in picking it up, feel free to use affiliate code TRYSH for 10% off your order!

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