REVIEW: e.l.f. Hydrating Foundation Stick in Ivory

by - October 11, 2016

When it comes to affordable products, like those from e.l.f., I can often easily be swayed into trying them out based on the positive opinion of certain Youtubers and fellow bloggers whose opinions I trust. The e.l.f. Moisturizing Stick Foundation is definitely one of those products that I likely wouldn't have been particularly interested in trying out if not for the good opinion of some other people that I trust. And since I've heard it's selling like hotcakes, I suspect that I'm not the only one who reacts this way. So yeah, I've used this product enough times now and given it enough wear tests that I think I'm ready to give you guys my review - however, I will say that my review is a little bit mixed.


The creamy e.l.f. Moisturizing Foundation Stick glides on effortlessly for adjustable, natural-looking coverage. It is enriched with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients shea, vitamin E, cocoa, grape, avocado, macadamia, and aloe to nourish and hydrate the skin for a soft, smooth, and revitalized look. The twist-up component is easy to use and perfect for on-the-go beauty. 

This product comes packaged in a sleek matte finish tube that, in my opinion, looks like a much pricier product than what it is. I actually find this to be true for a lot of e.l.f. products and I think they made a really good decision with their studio packaging. 

Like a lot of stick products, you get significantly less product in this than in a typical liquid foundation at 0.49oz of product. Still, I do think that this is a fantastic price point even with less product. I also find that because you're applying it directly to the face, you waste less product and I think a little bit definitely goes a long way with this.

One thing that I tend to find with stick foundations is that in my experience they've been a little dry for my skin and I've found that they tend to accentuate dryness and texture on my skin. With this one, though, I find that it definitely lives up to its claim of being hydrating and I don't find that it feels dry on my skin at all. That being said, though, I do find that this really looks like makeup on the skin, especially if you apply too much. 

I definitely recommend applying this lightly at first and then building as necessary. I also recommend blending with a damp sponge, because I find that this product really shows brush strokes and has some trouble really buffing into the skin.

I would say that this is a medium coverage foundation that can be built to full, but again it does tend to look more like makeup on the skin if you build it too much, particularly in parts of the face that aren't flat. I find this a lot easier to blend on my cheeks and forehead than around my nose, chin, and between my eyebrows. Another thing that I find is that it actually looks better and more natural after a couple of hours than it does when you first apply it.

I found the wear time with this product to be pretty good and I think it wore nicely throughout the day and didn't seem to break up or wear unevenly. I did find that I got some shine in my t-zone after about 6 hours of wear, but I was able to use a little bit of blotting powder and it didn't get cakey or weird on me.

Overall, I don't think this quite lives up to what I was expecting it to be based on the hype, but of course that could be a skin type and preference issue. I think this is a good product at a good price, but takes a little bit more work than I typically want to put in with my foundation. I don't think I will end up purchasing this again, but I think I'll definitely reach for it while I have it.

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