SPOTLIGHT: Maybelline FIT Me Complexion Products

by - August 22, 2017

Recently, Maybelline released some new products in their FIT Me range at about the same time as I needed to re-up on some of my much loved products from the range. Rather than just reviewing the new products, I wanted to put a spotlight on the whole range because, in my opinion, it's one of the best overall in the drugstore. It doesn't hurt that everything in this range is also under $10. With a lot of drugstore products, particularly here in Canada, creeping up over $10 per item, I'm always on the hunt for truly good budget friendly options and I really feel like Maybelline has done it with their FIT Me range.

For more on this range, as well as my review of some of their new products, keep reading!

As you can see, the FIT Me range of products focuses on complexion products and has something for everyone. Recently, they released a loose finishing powder and reformulated their blushes to go along with their much loved foundations, pressed powders, and concealers. I was pretty excited about both of the new product collections, because I really do love this line overall.

I feel like the FIT Me Matte + Poreless Foundation is the one that's really on everyone's radar and it's actually been the foundation I've been reaching for most this summer as the warm weather pushes my normal skin into more of a combination place. That said, I actually remember really enjoying the original FIT Me Foundation, which is now called the FIT Me Hydrate + Smooth Foundation, though I haven't used it in years. As for the Matte + Poreless, though, it's honestly one of my favorite drugstore foundations. It has a solid medium coverage, good wear time, and isn't so matte as to make my skin look dry or cling to any dry patches or imperfections. I use the shade 220. 

One of my holy grail drugstore products is the FIT Me Concealer. I couldn't even tell you how many times I've repurchased this and I genuinely missed it when I was out of it earlier this year because I was trying to use up some of the other concealers in my collection. It's really just kind of exactly what I want for day to day wear. The coverage is solid, though I wouldn't say it's full coverage, and it doesn't cake up or crease under my eyes. Shade 15, the fair shade, works perfectly on my skintone to bring some brightness under the eyes. 

FIT Me Loose Finishing Powder
I was really eager to try out this loose powder, because I had actually really been struggling to find a powder that I liked under my eyes at this point. I was finding that just about everything I was using ended up looking heavy and aging me quite a bit, so I was hoping that this would solve that.  I decided to go with the second shade in the collection, which is Fair Light, because the Fair shade looked like it would be a little bit too light for me. Good news for really fair skinned customers who struggle to find a loose powder that's highlighting enough under the eyes. I find the Fair Light shade is really good for me, giving just enough brightness without the reverse panda eyes that I've come to loathe.

Another great thing about this powder? The shade selection covers a MUCH wider range than I've ever seen the at the drugstore when it comes to loose powders, with shades included in the line for deeper skin tones. When it comes to loose powder, I think deeper skinned women have been grossly overlooked, so it's nice to see a drugstore brand actually covering those skin tones as well. 

I really like the texture of this powder. It's quite finely milled and I find it has a texture that I don't find to be too dry or the least bit chalky. While I don't generally bake anymore because adding that much product under my eyes doesn't really work for me, I have tried it with this and I found that this is one of the nicer powders and definitely the nicest I've tried from the drugstore. I generally like to use this lightly with a small setting brush and dust it anywhere I feel like I need a little bit of powder to set. These days I don't generally use powder all over my face because I just don't need it, but in the t-zone I think this provides a nice, light set that minimizes shine but doesn't feel too heavy. 

FIT Me Blushes in Nude & Peach
Rather than being complete new releases, these new FIT Me blushes are actually a reformulation. Though I never tried the old FIT Me blushes, by most accounts they weren't particularly impressive and these reformulations are a huge improvement. I have to admit, I'm a complete and total blush junkie, so it's a bit of a miracle that I didn't just go balls to the wall and pick up this entire collection. Being a little more modest, I decided to just pick up the two shades that really called to me. I chose Nude, which is a shade that I think works as a very natural bloom to the cheeks on my skin tone, and Peach, which gives a little bit more glow and works well with a good dose of summer bronzer. 

For me, personally, the shade Nude is basically my perfect blush shade. It has a glow to it, but it's more of a subtle satin finish than an all out glow. Because I've got cool-toned fair skin, these types of light mauve shades with blue undertones tend to work really well on my skin most of the year and give me a really natural looking blush to the cheeks. The formula is quite smooth and buildable, which is my preference with blushes since I'd rather build up than have to be too careful in application.

Peach is one of those classic shades that I think most women like to have in their collection. It's a warm peach that isn't too light and has a strong golden sheen to it. Though I don't own NARS Orgasm anymore, so I couldn't swatch them together, I'd say that if not a dupe this is a really close cousin. For me personally, this is really only going to be a shade that looks good on my skin in the warmer months when I'm packing some serious bronzer, but if you've got warmer undertones or a slightly deeper skin tone this could be a killer all year. This is another formula that I'd call buildable. I find that if I use a softer brush, this gives a really diffused colour on the cheeks, while if I use something more dense I can get a pretty intense blush with this. 

Honestly, you guys, Maybelline is just killing it right now and so many of their new releases have just been impressing the hell out of me, but the new Maybelline FIT Me releases also made me really think about how much and how long I've loved products that have been around in this line for a long time. Personally, if I could only use one drugstore line of complexion products for the rest of my life, it would definitely be the FIT Me line. They're super affordable, the formulas are consistently really, really good, and they really do cover a wide range of skin tones and types. Could you ask for more?

Let me know in the comments which Maybelline FIT Me products are in your routine - and what drugstore complexion products get it done for you!

Thanks for reading!

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