REVIEW: Pixi Skintreats Rose Cream Cleanser & Rose Tonic

by - February 06, 2019

As I mentioned in my review of the Pixi Skintreats Multi-Masking Medley, I've been wanting to try out more Pixi Skintreats products and decided to pick up some sets over the holiday season to try out. I really wanted to try out the Rose Cream Cleanser quite specifically because cleansing is seriously my favorite part of my skin care routine and I'm constantly looking for the perfect cream cleanser. Seriously, this is a quest for me and though I have many I love I'm always into trying another one... and I just had a feeling, you know? I picked up this pair in a set together and put them to work right away. 

Anyway, to check out my review of the Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser and Rose Tonic, keep reading!

Honestly, I picked up this set almost entirely for the Rose Cream Cleanser. When I first started using cream cleansers, I was coming off years of using foaming cleansers that ultimately left with my stripped, irritated skin. The transition into cream cleansers was actually one that I didn't entirely trust at first because I wasn't getting that tight feeling, which I associated with my skin being clean. Ultimately, once I shifted into using cream or milk cleansers almost exclusively, I was actually seeing less breakouts and irritation because my skin was more balanced. It was clean without being stripped or having my moisture barrier compromised. 

Pixi Skintreats Rose Cream Cleanser
Nourishing cream cleanser with mineral rich mud cleanses skin as it helps strengthen & soften skin.

The texture of this cleanser is actually quite a bit different than what I might have been expecting. It's slightly beige in colour and it isn't completely smooth. It's hard to describe, but I'd say it sort of makes me think of oatmeal without being thick or sticky. Once applied to the skin, I don't find that there's any grit to it and the texture smooths out and works into the skin easily and gently. There is a slight rose scent to this product, but it's very soft and very much smells like it comes from natural roses rather than a strong rose scent. When I wash my face, I tend to remove my cleansers with a wash cloth and I find that when I use that method, this rinses clean from my skin really easily and doesn't leave any residue behind on the skin that I know can make some people uncomfortable with a creamy cleanser. 

After washing with this cleanser, my face really has a clean feeling to it, but it also maintains hydration, looks plump and healthy, and feels quite soft - exactly what I want in a cleanser. Since I mentioned this product in my January Favorites, it's not really going to be a surprise to anyone who saw that post that I just absolutely love this cleanser and will absolutely be repurchasing it when I get through this bottle. It's just really, really beautiful and I highly recommend it. 

Pixi Skintreats Rose Tonic
Naturally soothing and rich in nutrients, this tonic helps to tone, balance pH, minimize redness and calm skin. Rehydrates, replenishes and refreshes.

I don't actually use a traditional toner very often these days - I tend to use an acid toner and follow with a mist to rebalance my skin - but that's definitely the category I would put this product into. I also really struggle to review a traditional toner because I feel like they're definitely more about maintaining balance and soothing the skin and that can be a hard thing to quantify in a review. That being said, I really enjoy this one. I tend to use this in the morning immediately after my cleansing step and I find that it really helps to prep the skin for both the rest of my skin care routine as well as makeup. When I use this, I find that everything I follow it with seems to work just a little bit better. As far as being soothing, I'd say this holds up quite well. I don't particularly have sensitive skin, but I do tend to get some irritation during the colder months and I've found that when my skin hasn't been feeling quite right, this has been really enjoyable to use.

Ultimately, I don't know that I'm jumping up and down about this product, but I feel like that could be related more to personal taste than the actual product. Overall, I think this is a really lovely toner and I've really enjoyed using it and will likely continue, particularly as a part of my morning skin care routine. 

Honestly, you guys, I'm so thrilled that I picked up this set because I think I have a new downright favorite cleanser. The Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser is absolutely stunning and I highly recommend it to pretty much anyone. It's super gentle and nourishing while still being effective and I absolutely love the way it leaves my skin feeling after I use it. 

Here in Canada, Pixi is available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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