HAPPY HALLOWEEN! | 12 Nails Of Halloween Round Up

by - October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween, everyone! Now that I'm all finished with 12 Nails Of Halloween - which, I'll admit, I was losing inspiration for towards the end, I wanted to round up all 12 looks in one post for reference! I had so much fun doing this - Halloween is probably my favorite time of year for nail art - and I'm already excited in my brain for next year's #12NOH.

Keep reading to see all 12 Halloween nail art looks for 2019!

DAY 1 | Alternating Gradient Bat Nails
My first mani continues to be one of my personal favorites. I loved the way that the purple and green blended into each other in this alternating mani and I busted out an old favorite stamping plate in the BM-XL28. Honestly, I just feel like you can't go wrong with a whole hand of bat nails on a gradient base.

DAY 2 | Soft & Simple Spiderweb Nail Art
This is actually a reboot of a mani that I did last year and it's another enduring favorite of mine. I love the simplicity of it and I feel like spiderweb nails are one of the most wearable and easy to do Halloween nail art themes, but I extra love them on this really soft grey base.

DAY 3 | Jade Smoosh Zombie Silhouette Nails
I really can't understate how happy I am with how this mani came out. It was one that I pictured pretty clearly in my head, but it's actually pretty rare that I'm able to go from the image in my head to my nails smoothly, but this one worked exactly the way I wanted it to.

DAY 4 | Grungy Freddie Krueger Nails
I feel like this is one of those mani's that manages to really capture the theme, but isn't so on the nose that it slaps you in the face. I also think this is a great option for someone who wants to do really simple halloween nail art, because it's really crisp and clean.

DAY 5 | Cute & Creepy Pastel Tie Dye Nails
I really, really wanted to do a pastel mani during this 12 Nails and I love the way that this one turned out. The black stamping ended up being really impactful and even though the images are pretty creepy on a scale of 1 to Creep, I think the pastel kind of keeps it cute.

DAY 6 | Vampy Flakie Gradient Nails
I am having a serious moment with flakies right now and I knew I wanted to use them in a mani, so I'm not surprised that I ended up with this, but I do kind of feel like it's the one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others of this whole set of nail art. Still, I love how it turned out and the impact of these classic Halloween colours.

DAY 7 | Grungy Neon Bat Nail Art
Grunge was a pretty big theme for me over the past month, but I'd say this is definitely the grungiest of all. I think the flakies over the neon purple base really intensifies that and then with the added impact of the stamping it's very Halloween without really being at all what I would expect.

DAY 8 | Blood Spattered Scream Nail Art
Ahhh hand painting, how it is my nemesis. I had to do this mani though and I'm really, really happy with how the hand painting turned out. I'm shameless in my love of the original Scream trilogy and it's pretty much a Halloween staple for me, so this just had to happen. Also, I LOVE the combination of black, white and red because i feel like it's always going to have impact.

DAY 9 | Speckled Grunge Skull Nail Art
I have to say, this is probably my personal favorite of all of the mani's I did this year. It's also probably the simplest, but it really embodies my personal style really well. Between the really muted, grunfy base on the crispness of the skulls, I just love this and it's one that I'll likely revisit again next year.

DAY 10 | Black & Orange Gradient Spider Nails
I absolutely HAD to use Superchic Lacquer's Juicy this Halloween season because if there's any polish in my entire collection that sings Halloween from the rooftops, it's this one. I also feel like it really benefited from being paired only with black in this really simple and straightforward design.

DAY 11 | Smoky Blue Haunted House Nail Art
Of everything I did this year, this mani was both the most complicated to put together - seriously, it took a long time - and also the one that got the most positive attention. And really, I'm super, super happy with how it turned out. I feel like this style of mani is just a Halloween classic must have at this point, and super customizable to the person doing it.

DAY 12 | Creepy Grunge Holo Zombie Nails
Finally, I must admit, I ended with probably my least favorite mani... but I think it definitely gets the Halloween job done. The zombie face is distinctly scary and the grungy stamping layered in black and white over this STUNNING base from Glam Polish gave a nice contrast and impact.

Honestly, I had SO MUCH fun doing these 12 Nails Of Halloween this year and, just on a personal note, I love to really be able to see how much my personal style of nail art has become focused and my skills have improved over the past year. I still sort of feel like a nail art novice sometimes, but I'm pretty happy with my progress. For more Halloween nail art, head over to my 2018 12 Nails Of Halloween Round Up!

Anyway, thanks so much for checking out my Halloween Nail Art for 2019 and be sure to come back in December for 12 Nails Of Christmas - which I've already started planning!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe and have fun!

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