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I decided this month that I need to be a little more diligent in keeping track of what I'm using, because I really don't know what my favorites are going to be until I stop and sit down to take the pictures. The way that I choose my favorites is really instinctual. It's based on what I've used the most over the month as well as the products I'm most excited about. Obviously, these tend to be things that are new to my collection, but sometimes I do throw in old favorites that have made a resurgence. This month's favorites is a good one, guys. I'm so excited about all of these products that I can't even stand it!

So check out the products I've been loving this month!

bh Cosmetics Foil Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette (Full Review)
If you guys haven't checked out my review of this palette yet - GO NOW! Seriously. This palette is an absolute gem. The shade selection is great, it's insanely versatile, and it has a good mix of neutrals and brights so that anyone can really get some good use out of it. And it's SO AFFORDABLE. I swear, I've been reaching for this almost every day since I got it.

e.l.f. Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palette (Full Review)
I think this palette goes with the Foil Eyes palette brilliantly, because this has all the matte shades that you need to supplement pretty much any shimmery shade to create a whole, wearable look. Honestly, I think that this is a drugstore MUST HAVE. The textures are great, they blend really nicely, and they're super pigmented. 

Honestly, these two palettes are basically all I've been needing right now, and they work together beautifully.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (Full Review)
This is pretty much my Holy Grail bronzer, I have to say. The shade works perfectly with my skintone, it blends really beautifully on my skin, and it wears ALL DAY without getting patchy or weird. Also, I feel like I've used this a lot and haven't even made a dent in the pan, so I think this is going to last me a long time even with every day use. And trust me, I'm using it every single day.

essence Eyeshadow Single in Apricotta
So, the thing is, this isn't actually a favorite as an eyeshadow. This is my current favorite highlighter - and it only cost $3. This powder has a really creamy, smooth texture and the shade actually looks really beautiful on my fair skin. It's kind of a cool peach shade, but very light, and it's just gorgeous. It also doesn't have any glitter in it, so it gives glow without sparkle. Lovelovelove it. You might be able to tell that I've put a fan brush shaped dent in the product...

NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade
Look for a full review of this to come either later this week or next week, but for now I'll tell you that I've had this in my collection for a while but have only recently started using it consistently. I love the natural looking brow I can get using this with a tiny angled brush and really soft strokes. It gives me good fill, good tone, and lasts literally from morning to night without fading.

tarte Tarteist Lash Paint
I got this deluxe sized Tarteist Lash Paint in the Glam Goodies Set that included a Lip Paint and the Tartelette Tease palette. And this mascara may actually be the biggest winner of the bunch for me. This mascara is really black and gives me exactly the kind of full, fanned out lashes that I prefer. I HATE the sample packaging, but I've learned that the full size doesn't have the same issues, so I'm more than willing to invest. tarte really does know how to make a great mascara!

VICHY Ideal Body Serum-Milk
I previously reviewed the VICHY Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet, but I also got the chance to try out the Ideal Body Serum Milk and I think I love it even more. It has the same great scent that the Aqua Sorbet has - and that I absolutely love - and it also has quite a light texture, but I feel like this is even more nourishing for my skin and actually makes my skin look a little healthier. This has been my go to lotion this month, for sure.

AMOREPACIFIC Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil*
You guys... I'm a little bit in love with this facial oil. I've been using it every night and my skin is absolutely loving it. This is definitely a luxury product at a luxury price, but it absolutely lives up to that. This has a light, almost delicate texture that feels really silky on the skin and never feels heavy. The scent is absolutely gorgeous, as far as I'm concerned, and I just love putting this on. For me, as much as being a treatment product, this is an experience product and I love it.

Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate
I got a couple of deluxe samples of this eye cream from Shoppers Drug Mart and I've fallen a little bit in love. I've been using this for all of May and I really do feel like I've seen an improvement in the appearance of the skin around my eyes. I'm seeing less of the fine lines that we all hate so much and it hasn't been looking crepéy under there. I'm really being converted over to happily spending more when it comes to eye creams and serums these days, I must admit.

Seriously, everything in this post gets my recommendation. All of the makeup I included is at a drugstore price except for the tarte mascara, and all of the skincare is worth the spend to me - although the pricetag on the AMOREPACIFIC Oil is... really up there, so I wouldn't recommend straight up breaking the bank for it. It's BEAUTIFUL though.

I'd love to hear what you've recently been loving in the comments! Bloggers and vloggers, I'd love if you'd drop me a link to your favorites posts!

Thanks for reading!

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